Budget-Friendly DIY Decorations For Fall

Budget-Friendly DIY Decorations For Fall
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Decorating for the seasons can be expensive, but with these cheap fall decorating ideas you'll be able to give your home seasonal flair without breaking the bank.

  • Decorate for free with acorn and pinecones found in the outdoors (nuts are great too). Toss a bunch in a glass vase or bowl for a simple but seasonal centerpiece.
  • Pinecones and nuts are also great for making wreaths and topiaries. Hot glue them to Styrofoam wreath forms or cones. Wreaths can be hung on doors and windows by a pretty piece of ribbon while cone topiaries look great when grouped in threes and displayed on mantels, bookshelves, or windowsills.
    • Hollow out a pumpkin and use it to hold seasonal flowers such as mums, or use the tiny versions as taper candleholders.
    • Cut branches (or find fallen branches on the ground) and spray paint them a color that will suit your fall decorating scheme. Place them in a vase and display them as you would flowers or put them in a larger vessel (such as an umbrella stand) and place it on the porch or inside the front door. If you can find branches with berries on them leave them as is (don't paint them) and display them the same way.

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    Other tips:

    • Add sophistication to items found in your backyard by spray painting them and displaying them in simple bowls and vases.
    • Decorating with fruit is charming and easy. Stick some cloves into oranges (a swirling design is always pretty) and place them in a bowl of your choosing. It looks seasonal and smells great. (You can also use them to make pomander balls.) You can also fill a big bowl with fruit (such as apples) and then stick a candle in the middle. Voila – a charming centerpiece.
      • Look for little clay turkeys and pumpkins at your local craft store and spray paint them in a simple color such as black (or whatever matches your table color scheme). Put a bunch of them on a three-tiered cake plate and use it as a centerpiece or put one at each place setting for a cute touch. While the item is a little cutesy, the simple color keeps it from looking too kitschy.

      When it comes to decorating for the season repetition is key. Use either the same themes or colors (or both) throughout your space to create a layered look. It will all tie together and add real seasonal flair to your entire space.

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