10 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Updates to Make Right Now

living room with throw pillows and blankets

Cathie Hong Interiors

Spring is on its way here, so why not usher in the season in style by taking on a small home upgrade or two? We asked interior designers to share their favorite ways to welcome the season without spending much at all. Whether you're in the market for a new plant or could stand to swap out your linens for the season, these tips are for you!

1. Set Out Flowers and Plants

Adding a little bit of plant life to your home will help you usher in the season in no time. "If you have a green thumb then grab a living plant and put it in an area of your home where you spend the most time and watch it grow through the spring," Kristyn Harvey, of Kristyn Harvey Interiors, says. Don't have a green thumb? Harvey suggests grabbing fresh flowers to liven up your space weekly. "You'll be surprised how something seemingly superfluous can bring you so much joy."

potted plant on kitchen counter

Desiree Burns Interiors

2. Hang Some New Drapery

Jessica Shaw, of The Turett Collaborative, is a proponent of hanging drapery to breathe new life into a room. "Essentially, floor-to-ceiling drapery can introduce new textures and colors to your room's palette, while also acting as an effective room divider," she says. You'll want to pick up a roll-ceiling track or tension wire to execute this project. "If you are in a loft apartment, this hack is especially useful in detracting from clothing racks or other visible storage," Shaw adds.

3. Switch Up Your Linens

Say goodbye to heavy winter bedding and accents. "Change out heavy winter bed linens and throws for lighter ones made of cotton or linen," Cami Weinstein, of Cami Weinstein Designs, says. "Add a fresh summer slipcover to your furniture—even just slip covering one or two pieces will instantly update and refresh your home." And lastly, don't forget to swap out throw pillow covers for ones that are more seasonally appropriate. "Lighter colors and fabrics always feel like a refresh," Weinstein notes. Christina Kim, of Christina Kim Interior Design, also changes out her decor to welcome the change of seasons. Kim switches things out by bringing out small-scaled patterns, light fabrics like linen, and spring colors. "I also always get new pillow inserts this time of year. Spring is about renewal and it's a great time to freshen up your bed," she says.

Finding just one sheet set you love is more than ok. "You don't need to go crazy on the options," Pattie Kelly, of Inspired Home Interiors, adds. "Try a set for fall/winter and a set for spring/summer to keep things fresh."

light colored spring pillows

Cathie Hong Interiors

4. Paint Your Walls

Why not take on a painting project post-spring cleanout? It's easy to underestimate the power of a simple coat of a brand-new color but paint is possibly the most budget-friendly way to transform a room right before your eyes. "Freshen a space with a new coat of paint and pick a light pastel color that will reflect the springtime sunshine and bounce it all around the room," Laura Zender, of Laura Zender Design, suggests.

5. Select a New Scent

If you love to light candles as you work from home or unwind with a book each evening, it may be time to grab a new scent that screams spring. "Pick a fresh signature candle scent for the new season," Zender says. "Stick to one and use it in several rooms. We shy away from anything too strong but love citrus, grass, and vanilla for the springtime."

candle next to bath tub

Erin Williamson Design

6. Drape a Suzani Over the Sofa

Add some vibrance to your space in the form of a Suzani throw. Anne Hammett of Anne Pearson Design suggests draping it over your sofa or the end of your bed for a quick and instant change in your space—she enjoys purchasing hers on Etsy. "I am even thinking about framing one for our lake house," the designer adds.

7. Embrace a Cheerful Color

Welcome spring into your home by selecting a favorite hue and introducing it all throughout your space. "Things are always more impactful when repeated," Amanda Louise Campbell, of Amanda Louise Interiors, says. "I love to take a single color, like yellow, in my all-white kitchen and fill a bowl with lemons, cut fresh forsythia branches from the yard, and maybe take a little yellow painting from somewhere else in the house and create a happy moment of sunshine."

yellow flowers by bed

Louis Duncan-He

8. Display Nature-Inspired Art

There's no need to spend much on beautiful, outdoor-inspired artwork for your home. Not everyone has a solid green thumb, and sometimes allergies prevent you from being able to enjoy fresh-cut blooms in your home. Adding botanical artwork instead is an easy way to add spring pops of color throughout your space without the stress. Not sure where to look for floral artwork? Use other people's spring cleanouts to your advantage. "Scour thrift shops, estate sales and contact your local vintage resellers to find some beautiful and unique spring artwork," Darcey Heath, of Stylized Nest Interiors, says "As a bonus, these pieces often already come in beautiful frames."

9. Cut Back on Excess

Parting with items that no longer serve you is 100 percent free and can make all the difference in your space. "Editing out some of the lower quality items in your home can create more breathing room and peace of mind," Heath adds. "Fill your home with fewer items, but choose items that are handcrafted and well-designed."

10. Go Biophilic

Embrace biophilic design in your home in the form of botanical prints and patterns. "Being a borderline maximalist, I feel drawn to exuberant colors and textural elements," Amara Hasham, of The Pajaama Hub, says. "A natural-themed wallpaper in the color and motif of your choice paired with fun accessories can bring the youthful spirit of spring into your interiors."

bright and uncluttered home office

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