How to Personalize an Apartment Rental on a Budget

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    Easy Tips for Custom Style

    Interior design enthusiasts know well just how far the power of a thoughtfully-styled and artfully-arranged home can take us—it motivates, stimulates and inspires us each and every day, as well as showcases our unique personality to anyone we invite over.

    But if you’re like so many who are living in a rented house or apartment, then it can feel like a bit of a challenge to customize and personalize your home to perfection without upsetting the landlord. Fortunately, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think to cultivate your perfect interior, even in a rented space.

    If you’re looking to make your rental a true reflection of your personal style, follow these simple (and reversible!) tips for personalizing your home.

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    Incorporate Removable Wallpaper

    Wallpaper is seeing a major resurgence in the interior design scene, and it’s a killer way to transform the look of your home. If you worry that you won’t be able to remove it when it comes time to move, don’t fret! These days, there’s a ton of super chic and highly removable wallpaper that can work design magic and be removed without a trace when it’s time for a new space.

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    Switch Up Your Lighting

    Your home’s lighting carries a lot of weight when it comes to cultivating your look’s overall vibe. If you’re currently working with outdated light fixtures, or simple lighting you don’t like, swap them out for a new pendant light or geometric chandelier, like this trendy one from Sarah Stacey Design to quickly and completely transform your aesthetic.

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    Update Your Rugs

    Not only do rugs instantly warm up your design, but they’re also a killer way to showcase your personality. And there are so many different types to choose from at every price point that it's a breeze to find one that's perfectly suited to your style sensibility. Bonus points if you layer two of them like the ones in this room from Triibe, for a trendy touch.

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    Give Love to Your Walls

    Wallpaper isn’t the only way your walls can transform your look. From gallery walls to fiber art, your wall's decor can do a lot of heavy-lifting on the personal style front. And if you have a space in your rental that you’re looking to define more clearly, like this espresso bar from Design Love Fest, integrating a gallery wall is an incredibly simple and effective way to do so.

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    Treat Your Windows

    Whether you opt for light and breezy or long and dramatic, your window treatments are a no-fail way to enhance your look. And if you’re like so many of us who are working with less square footage than we’d like, installing your curtain rod high above the windows and investing in extra long curtains, like the soft pink ones shown here from Suzy Hoodless, will seriously maximize your visual space by making your ceilings appear higher.

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    Play With Plants

    Plants are unrivaled in their ability to make a house feel like a home. They purify your air, add texture to your aesthetic, and infuse your space with all sorts of feel-good vibes. Plus, the vases and containers they’re held in are packed with plenty of personalized decor potential.

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    Change Up Your Hardware

    Much of the cabinetry that comes with rental homes leaves a lot to be desired. And while you likely can’t install brand new custom cabinets without upsetting your landlord, you can significantly improve their style simply by changing up the hardware. From sophisticated leather pulls, like these from Emery Grey Design to whimsical agate knobs, there are endless varieties to choose from.

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    Bring It With Books

    Book lovers, rejoice! In addition to feeding you with knowledge and expanding your perspective, your favorite books can also considerably enhance your home’s style. If you don’t have a bookshelf, consider installing some floating shelves like these from Not Just a Housewife for a low-maintenance, unobtrusive way to display your favorite stories.

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    Update Your Bathroom Fixtures

    Because it can be so expensive, bathrooms are often the last place a landlord will fork over money for renovations. If yours is looking drab or outdated, all you need to refresh your look are some new fixtures. Brass and gold bathroom fixtures, like these luxe ones from Marcus Design, are super popular right now, but everything from matte black to brushed silver can work wonders at improving your bathroom’s overall appearance.

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    Put Your Storage to Work

    Storage basket cubbies in a nursery
    Danielle Oakley Interiors / á La Mode

    Looking for a way to get organized and maximize your style at the same time? Then incorporate some stylish storage units to house your miscellaneous items. Not only will they ensure your place stays neat and clutter-free, but they also come loaded with potential to display your favorite treasures. Just take a look at these striking cubbies from á La Mode.