Buffy Cloud Comforter Review

Fluffy and eco-friendly, this comforter delivers all-season comfort

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Buffy Cloud Comforter

Buffy Cloud Comforter

The Spruce 

What We Like

  • Soft, breathable eucalyptus fiber shell

  • Lightweight but cozy

  • Made with sustainably sourced materials

What We Don't Like

  • Dry clean only

Bottom Line

Made from eco-friendly materials, the Buffy Cloud Comforter offers a hypoallergenic down alternative that delivers soft, all-season comfort at a great price.


Buffy Cloud Comforter

Buffy Cloud Comforter

The Spruce 

The next-generation comforter has officially arrived and it's called the Buffy Cloud. If you haven’t heard of Buffy yet, the family-run company makes innovative bedding designed to feel as good on your skin as it does your conscience. With an outer shell constructed of naturally soft, breathable eucalyptus fiber, Buffy comforters shun both goose down and virgin synthetic materials. Instead, the company recycles BPA-free plastic water bottles slated for the landfill, turning them into plush comforter fill. We thought all of this (and the insane buzz Buffy has drummed up) seemed too good to be true, so we cuddled up with the Cloud Comforter for a few weeks. Read on for all our findings.

Buffy Cloud Comforter
 The Spruce

Material: Eco-friendly, lightweight, and cozy

One of the main design considerations that sets Buffy apart from its competitors is its chosen material. Most comforters are made with a cotton outer casing and either goose down or virgin polyester fill. Buffy diverges from this trend, however, with an outer shell comprised of lyocell, a sustainable type of rayon fabricated from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. Not only is this an eco-friendly pick, but it’s also sustainable as the renewable resource consumes ten times less water than cotton to grow. The feel is similar to smooth cotton, too—we honestly wouldn't know the difference based on touch alone. Eucalyptus fiber is also touted as having a more breathable, cooling quality to it, making it ideal for anyone who runs warm at night.

The all-season Buffy comforter we tried felt much lighter than the down one we’d been using, but it managed to keep us just as warm.

As for fill, the Buffy uses 100-percent recycled BPA-free plastic water bottles. With layers and layers of gossamer, the fill offers high loft which lends the comforter its namesake cloud-like quality. The fill is also hypoallergenic—a major gamechanger for those with down allergies and those whose skin is sensitive to low-quality synthetics.

The all-season Buffy comforter we tried felt much lighter than the down one we’d been using, but it managed to keep us just as warm. Not too warm, though—and that was a real win. We’re used to kicking the comforter off (at least partly) during the night, but the Buffy kept us comfortable. That said, Buffy is hip to the fact that every sleeper is different, so they now offer a lightweight version of their award-winning comforter called the Breeze. If you live in a warmer climate or just sleep warm, the Breeze is worth a try.

We’re used to our comforter slowly drifting down the bed as we sleep, but this never happened.

When compared to our usual down comforter, another noticeable perk of the Buffy was that it stayed in place all night. We’re used to our comforter slowly drifting down the bed as we sleep, but this never happened with the Cloud.

Buffy Cloud Comforter
The Spruce

Texture: Silky soft

We love that the Cloud comforter is eco-friendly, but to really win our hearts and earn a permanent place on our bed, it also needed to look great and feel luxurious. Alas, Buffy hit all of our marks.

Buffy hit all of our marks.

Right off the bat, we were impressed with the feel of the comforter. The texture is silky smooth—similar to sateen cotton. Even better, we found it just kept getting softer night after night. We opted to sleep with Buffy bare—no duvet cover. The bright white gives off a fresh, inviting look which makes it a one and done comforter solution. Of course, if you’re prone to accidental stains or have pets or children, you’ll likely want to throw a duvet cover on for more protection.

Buffy Cloud Comforter
The Spruce 

Care: Use a washable cover to cut down on dry cleaning 

In order to maintain optimal shape, Buffy’s Cloud Comforter is dry clean only. Since dry cleaning can get expensive, this fact gave us pause, but given the quality of the comforter, the obvious solution was just to go ahead and use a duvet cover with it. An occasional trip to the dry cleaners for a refresh feels doable, and that’s all that will likely be necessary if you use a washable cover.

Right off the bat, we were impressed with the feel of the comforter. The texture is silky smooth—similar to sateen cotton.

Need more convincing? The company notes that the Cloud is “great at staying clean” thanks to its eucalyptus fiber which has naturally purifying qualities. The material also naturally resists mold, mildew, dust mites, and other microbes which can accumulate in down comforters.

Buffy Cloud Comforter
The Spruce 

Price: You’ll have enough leftover for a duvet cover

The Buffy Cloud comforter is competitively priced, ranging from $120 for a twin to $190 for a king. A quality comforter is essential to a good night’s sleep, so if you find one you like, it’s a worthy investment. We think the Buffy Cloud is a great value based on comfort, design, and expected durability over time.

Buffy Cloud Comforter vs. Parachute Down Alternative Comforter

Buffy and Parachute Home both represent a new generation of digitally native companies: those whose products speak to an evolving consumer mindset that demands high quality, style, and a do-good business model. Both offer down alternative comforters that receive rave reviews, and both companies have an ethos of responsibility when it comes to product manufacturing. Buffy is the true disruptor, with an innovative comforter that reduces raw resource consumption and waste using recycled material and a closed loop manufacturing process. That said, Parachute’s comforters are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, meaning they’re free of harmful chemicals and synthetics. With a number of similarities, let’s break down some of the main differences that distinguish the comforters.

In terms of price, the Buffy is more affordable, retailing for roughly $190 for a king vs. Parachute’s $329. The Buffy comforter is made from sustainable materials and recycled fill, while the Parachute is made from water-intensive cotton and virgin polyester fill. Both feel silky to the touch; however, Buffy’s eucalyptus fiber is highly breathable and cooling, making it the ideal choice for warm sleepers. As for care, the Buffy is dry clean only whereas the Parachute comforter is machine washable—a big plus for most. If you can’t decide between the two, Buffy offers a 7-day trial and 30-day return period while Parachute offers a more liberal 90-day return policy.

Final Verdict

Worth every penny.

The Buffy Cloud Comforter is an all-around winner. With an exceptionally soft, eco-friendly design, a do-good business model, and an affordable price tag, it’s hard to beat.


  • Product Name Cloud Comforter
  • Product Brand Buffy
  • Price $120.00
  • Color White
  • Material Eucalyptus fiber (lyocell) and recycled polyester
  • Thread Count 300-single-ply
  • Price (King) $190