Building a Dollhouse Filled with Imagination

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    Building Lasting Memories

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     Quality time with the family means many things to many different people. Everyone, though, agrees that finding a playtime activity that can bring together different ages, genders, siblings and parents is a rare treat. That's why the chance to sit down (or stand up) and construct a dollhouse for your child is such a fantastic bonding opportunity. Shared time, with a shared goal and outcome, is a great way to make a house for your daughter's dolls, and you'll be making a memory too.

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    It's a Snap!

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     Build & Imagine is a series of interconnected magnetic panels that can be joined together--any way that you can dream up--to form a sensational array of different landscapes, homes, businesses and imaginary realms. Designed for ages 4 to 8--though older kids won't want to be left out of the fun--the sets feature magnetic accessories that can adhere to the illustrated walls. They also feature wooden magnetic dolls, which are able to be dressed in a host of different, stylish costumes....MORE The Build & Imagine sets have grabbed a slew of awards from magazines, the National Parenting Center, the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association and other high-profile toy experts and organizations. There are tailor-made choices available for all the kids in your household.

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    Life's a Beach!

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     Priced at about $40, the "Day at the Beach" set features two dolls--Emma and Lucas--along with 10 dual-sided building panels. The tableau shows off their favorite things to do. Most likely, your child has these summertime fantasies too. There are depictions of a cafe, a lifeguard station and a surf shop, among other beach-flavored venues. There are also more than 40 accessories to decorate and improve the imaginative play.

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    Delightful Dolls of All Types

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     "Malia's Beach House"is a treat for the ocean-loving, beach-living children and adults in your family. If you've imagined what it might feel like to have "Malibu Dreams" and "Jersey Shore Desires," here's an inexpensive way to find out. Malia and Skylar are the two dolls that accompany this set, and they also come with 40 magnetic accessories. With a keen eye toward inclusion and education, the Build & Imagine designers made the characters of Malia and...MORE Skylar multiculturally diverse.  

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    Living the Dream

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     Priced at under $60, "Malia's Beach House" is comprised of 16 dual-sided building panels. It boasts a swimming pool, two bedroom choices, a front door that actually opens and closes, as well as a feisty, frisky pet. This is a beach house that would even have Barbie turning green with envy

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    Thea to the Rescue

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     For the nurturing animal lover in your family, there is the truly spot-on "Marine Rescue Center." With the success of the movie series, Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2, which focuses on the real-life Clearwater Marine Aquarium, and its famous dolphin inhabitants Winter and Hope, many children are now aspiring to become veterinarians who lead the charge for aquatic rescue and rehabilitation. This set offers kids with big dreams the chance to build and imagine themselves in the role of...MORE marine-life doctor, like the Thea doll, which is included here. 

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    Wildlife Rescue and Concern

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     Thea is all set to save endangered sea species and her rescue center is state-of-the-art. It features a therapy pool, a rescue jet, an examination room, and tanks for holding and securing other injured and in-need animals. Dolphins, sea turtles and an otter are among the animals that are provided as hands-on doll companions. The "Marine Rescue Set" can be built from 15 dual-sided illustrated building patterns. It will be an enormous success, especially for children who have been charmed...MORE by Disney's Finding Nemo and its sequel, Finding Dory.

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    Say Cheese, Please

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     The preferred project for many children will be the chance to interact with the Build & Imagine "Pet Portrait Studio." Featuring photographers Anna and Ethan, this set will help your child discover the importance of volunteerism, in addition to honing their building skills. Anna and Ethan are little child dolls, but they are helping out at their local shelter, prepping the animals for Adoption Day. They play shutterbug as they take portraits of the animals, helping them to find...MORE happy homes. There are 10 building panels, more than 40 magnetic accessories and four wooden pets to help fill up the portrait studio. 

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    STEAM Play Does Make a Difference

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     One of the wonderful things about the Build & Imagine world is that it invites your children to engage in STEAM play: science, technology, engineering, art and math. Children will figure out the pieces to interlock and will then use logic and building skills to help expand their chosen sets. Plus, the sets offer your kids an opportunity to use their imaginations. The Build & Imagine world is a wide-open universe, and it offers open-ended play. Children can lose themselves for hours as...MORE they build, decorate, accessorize and pretend. 

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    Starry, Starry Night

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

    Another highlight is the "starry slumber party" angle. The glow-in-the-dark appearance of the dolls and their accessories will be a sure-fire favorite for any astronomers or stargazers in your household. Seeing how cool it is for their dolls to be camping out under the stars will certainly inspire your children to clamor for a campout of their own. What a great bonus that is! 

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    Masterpiece Theater Potential

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     Finally, it would not be a successful afternoon of make-believe fun if the world of fairy tales had been ignored. Build & Imagine recognizes that storytime is an essential component for many young ones and their babysitters. The "Fairytale Theater" is attractively priced at under $35. It includes two wooden performers--that means their construction, not their acting abilities--and four dual-sided stage panels. It also comes with two rectangular and one triangular curtain panels....MORE More than 50 magnetic accessories completes this set. Perfect for the youngest, aspiring thespian, this vibrant and exciting set encourages preschool children to learn their shapes and learn their colors.  

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    Imagine a World of Their Own

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     Boys and girls will be captivated by all these possibilities that the Build & Imagine toys provide. The "Fairytale Theater" has accessories that key into well-known familiar bedtime tales, so children can act out and repeat what they have heard at naptime and at nighttime. It also offers so many different stickers and costume choices that children will definitely be encouraged to improvise and come up with their own stories and scenarios. 

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    So Many Options to Select

    Courtesy of Build & Imagine

     It will be a "happily ever after" for all family members when they get to pick and choose who they want to be--princess or pirate, ogre or elf, Red Riding Hood or King Arthur--and that's what makes this STEAM play so successful. Children are encouraged to collaborate with their play companions to make the fairy-tale theater come alive. And, with all of the sets' durability and easy-to-clean-up storage, these are toys that can last for a long, long time. You and your "royal...MORE4; children will return to them over and over again, because no result and no building strategy will ever be the same.