Planting bulbs ahead of the growing season always makes for a nice surprise some spring or fall when your flowers begin to bloom.
'Scarlet Delight' lily flower with pink spotted petals and light green stamen in the middle
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Fritillaria with orange bell-shaped flowers
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Flowering bulbs in hand to be planted for summer
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Oriental trumpet lilies 'Conca d'Or' with white flowers and yellow centers closeup
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Woman holding tulip bulbs
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spring crocus
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person holding box of bulbs
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Star of Bethlehem plant with white star-like flowers and blooms
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Crown imperial plant with orange flowers
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Voodoo Lily, Amorphophallus, Australian National Botanical Gardens
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Blue grape hyacinth flowers growing from dirt ground
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Spanish bluebell plant with blue flowers in garden
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autumn crocus
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Deadheading spring flowering bulbs
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White and purple hyacinth flowers next to pink and yellow tulips in garden
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Cleopatra foxtail lilies with tall orange flowers in garden
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Freesia bulbs with light purple-pink, white and yellow flowers in sunlight closeup
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Purple crocus blooming
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A flower
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Giant onion plants with tall thin stems and circular heads of small purple flowers
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Schubert's allium plant with pink globe-shaped clusters of tiny star-shaped flowers
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Darwin hybrid tulips with pink, yellow and bicolored flowers in garden
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Cleaning Plant Bulbs to Store
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Fritillaria plant with purple-spotted pink flower on thin stems closeup
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Amaryllis bulbs in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Stock photo, taken February 22, 2019.
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