Busy Parents: Clean Faster Than Ever

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No one multitasks more than parents of multiples. Whether you have a house full of pets, kids, or pets AND kids, you have a handful of messes to clean up and plenty of other things to do. So, step away from that flimsy mop, and update your way to a sparkling clean home in record time with just one tool we can’t get enough of: The BISSELL® CrossWave® Cordless Max multi-surface wet dry vac.

 How exactly does a device free up time? Just look at how its unparalleled features remove time-consuming steps and streamline the process of keeping up with your favorite mess-makers.

Vacuum and Mop — at the Same Time

Woman vaccuuming crumbs using the BISSELL CrossWave

Baby and fur baby food messes come in both wet and dry varieties. No problem. The CrossWave Cordless Max is a 2-in-1 multi-surface cleaning system designed to take on both, simultaneously. The vacuum will suction up crumbs and pet hair, while the washing capability picks up gloppy, muddy prints, sticky juice spills, even that raw egg you dropped—shell and all. 

There must be a catch, right? Busy parents know multitasking rarely goes that smoothly. The CrossWave Cordless Max features two-tank technology that wipes away any concern for us. It allows you to spray water and cleaning solution onto the floor, and suction the dirty water into a different tank. So not only is it a vacuum and mop rolled into one device, but it’s a bucket that won’t fill with the dirty water as you clean. It’s as effective as it is efficient—if only multitasking was always that easy.

Don’t Get Tangled Up In Cords 

Man cleaning up a kitchen spill using the BISSELL Crosswave Cordless vaccuum

Kids have a habit of leaving a trail of random items in their wake. Toys. Arts and crafts supplies. Discarded cups. They pop up in the spots you least expect, and might only notice the moment you step on them. So why introduce even more clutter and tripping hazards to a room you’re trying to get clean? It’s time for parents to cut the cord when it comes to cleaning supplies. 

Going cordless doesn’t just make the cleaning process more pleasant, it helps you clean faster and move seamlessly throughout your home. Gone are the days of crawling around to find an available outlet in every room. While cleaning, you’re now free to wander from room to room with the same ease as everyone else in the home. 

Clean Multiple Surfaces 

Woman cleaning dirt that tracked across hard floors and carpet using the BISSELL CrossWave

One sweep through the house could mean going from vinyl in the kitchen, to sealed hardwood in the dining room, to tile in the bathroom. Sure, that kind of variety is nice for aesthetic reasons, but running back and forth for the right cleaning supplies for every surface is just annoying. It’s enough to consider redoing the flooring in your home, although getting a device that can cover all that ground is probably the simpler, cheaper solution. Luckily the CrossWave® Cordless Max can clean any sealed hard surface and refresh area rugs. 

Of course, being able to clean multiple surfaces in your home doesn’t do you any good if the battery dies by the time you get to the second room. That’s why this device comes equipped with a 36V lithium-ion battery that can run cordless for up to 30 minutes*. Should be plenty of time for a full tour of your home, especially when you don’t have to stop and start to change supplies. Flooring can be as varied as the messes left by pets and kids—why not get a device that can handle it all?

*may vary based on mode and usage

Don’t Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Close up of self cleaning feature of the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max

What’s the last thing most parents want to do after cleaning the home? Clean the supplies they just used. That’s why it’s such a relief that the CrossWave Cordless Max is even easier to clean than use. All you need to do is place the machine in the docking station, press the self-cleaning button, and then empty the dirty water tank to ensure that it will be clean in time for the next mess. 

That’s yet another step removed from the typical cleaning process. When you add them all together—not plugging into different outlets, not switching the device based on the surface or mess, not cleaning your cleaning supplies—you’re left with more room for quality moments with your kids and pets. In other words, what we love most about the BISSELL CrossWave Cordless Max is how little time we need to spend using it.