11 Butler's Pantry Ideas

Butler's pantry with large hanging pendant lights

Instagram / oakleyhomebuilders

If you're lucky enough to have the extra space in your kitchen, adding a butler's pantry is a great addition to any home. While most of us probably don't have butlers anymore, this walk-in pantry is a great staging area for food and meal prep as well as a place to store commonly used kitchenware. Typically situated between a dining room and a kitchen (but not always), a butler's pantry feels like a clever extension of your kitchen.

This butler's pantry from oakleyhomebuilders is the perfect way to use up extra hall space off of a kitchen. Not only does it have tons of natural light, but it also features a mini-fridge and enough prep space for mixing cocktails and plating food. 

A butler's pantry can easily double as a wet bar, allowing you to mix the perfect cocktail for your guests. If you are looking for inspiration to build the perfect pantry, we've rounded up our favorite ideas here. 

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    A Moody Pantry

    Black butler's pantry

    parkandoakdesign /Instagram

    This butler's pantry from parkandoakdesign is a gorgeous example of why every kitchen needs one. Not only does it maintain the same beautiful, moody decor scheme and stunning black cabinets, but it offers enough space to move around and prepare an entire dinner. 

    A traditional butler's pantry includes a lot of counter space to prepare and plate food, as well as cabinets to easily tuck away plates and china, so you only have to take it out when you're ready to serve. 

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    Marble Butler's Pantry

    Butler's pantry with marble countertops

    karlykristinadesign / Instagram

    This stunning butler's pantry from karlykristinadesign, the idea is for the space to blend perfectly into the rest of the kitchen, not stand out as a separate room.

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    A Mini Kitchen

    Dark gray butler's pantry

    daspitphoto / Instagram

    If you find yourself scrambling over kitchen space and fighting with family members for the microwave or counter space, this butler's pantry from daspitphoto is a perfect inspiration for your next home renovation. It acts almost as a kitchenette without the sink. We love the open shelving—not only is it totally on-trend, but it's a little easier to maintain the organized look outside of your regular kitchen. 

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    Cool and Modern

    Modern butler's pantry

    the_stables_/ Instagram

    Despite its name, a butler's pantry is anything but stuffy. This modern space from the_stables_ and uneekinteriorsolutions proves that a butler's pantry works with nearly any kitchen style. We love the clean, streamlined cabinetry and simple exposed shelving that keep this transitional room open and airy.  

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    Add Some Art

    Butler's pantry with green walls

    project_widdison / Instagram

    We love this adorable butler's pantry from project_widdison. Just because a butler's pantry is a transitional room, that doesn't mean you can't use it to display meaningful art. This pantry includes lovely family photos and offers a quiet space away from the main kitchen to prep for meals. 

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    Add Stunning Wallpaper

    Blue butler's pantry
    Catherine Nguyen​

    A butler's pantry is a great place to experiment with design elements without overwhelming the rest of your kitchen decor. This space from Catherine Nguyen​ features a beautiful agate-inspired wallpaper that may be too much for the main kitchen space, but plays beautifully in the cozy butler's pantry.

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    Indoor-Outdoor Living

    White butler's pantry

    sherryhdesigns / Instagram

    What we love most about this butler's pantry from sherryhdesigns (aside from the adorable doggy door) is that it provides a lovely prep space combining indoors and out, and gives the owner a place to plate food before dining alfresco. This makes it even easier to transition throughout the year and get the most out of your outdoor living space

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    Add Lots of Storage

    Modern butler's pantry with storage

    stylemasterhomes / Instagram

    If your butler's pantry is more of a segmented space, exposed shelving like this one from stylemasterhomes is a great way to get more use out of your pantry. This look works best if your pantry has a door or a way to close it off from the rest of the kitchen, so that your storage doesn't make the rest of the room appear cluttered or too busy. 

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    Make It Cozy

    White modern butler's pantry with wine fridge

    marybestdesigns / Instagram

    Not only is this butler's pantry from marybestdesigns incredibly practical, but it features homey touches such as a lamp and bouquets of flowers that make it feel a little more welcoming. Think of a butler's pantry as an upgraded version of a regular pantry—it should be functional and designed for everyday use, but it can be an extension of your kitchen and should feel like part of your home.

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    Maximum Storage

    White butler's pantry

    juliedavisinteriors / Instagram

    When it comes to designing a butler's pantry, think of what you need most in your kitchen. No two butler's pantries need to be exactly alike, and it should solve a problem that is specific to your home. This pantry from juliedavisinteriors may not have a lot of prep or counter space, but it has plenty of storage options that allow the owner to tuck away alcohol, flatware, serving platters, and more.   

    There are no rules for a butler's pantry—only that it should work for your needs and your kitchen.