3 Surprising Reasons to Buy a Baby Video Monitor

Close up of baby monitor in kitchen with woman cooking in background.
Jinxy Productions / Getty Images

Many parents feel that a baby video monitor is an expensive and ultimately unnecessary luxury, and they’re right. You don’t need a video monitor. That said, there are many excellent and even surprising reasons why might want one. For those who can swallow the added expense, the unexpected benefits of one-click baby-surveillance may just outweigh the cost.

Convenient Reassurance

The obvious benefit of a video monitor is the ability to see your baby. One click provides anxious mothers with a peace of mind that normally only comes with actually laying eyes on their sweet little dreamer. For many, that peace of mind alone is a luxury worth paying for.

Of course, you can always check in on your baby in person, but a video monitor will save you a lot of legwork, especially in those early months where every unfamiliar sound from baby’s crib feels like cause for concern. A quick check of the monitor offers all the reassurance of a sneak peek without the risk of startling your little one, and all from the comfort of your own well-deserved bed.

Video monitors also promote sleep safety by allowing for more frequent check-ins, especially during daytime naps when parents may hesitate to step inside the nursery for fear of waking baby sooner than expected.

By simply checking the monitor periodically, parents can ensure their child is sleeping comfortably and identify any potential safety hazards, such as loose swaddling or trapped limbs—problems that they may not have noticed if baby continued to sleep quietly.

Sleep Training

Toddlers are born manipulators. This term may have a somewhat negative connotation, but like it or not, its meaning applies. They want your attention, and they know how to get it—cue the pouty face and the big, fat crocodile tears. More often than not, your little one is just fine. They just want to be with you. Of course, it’s very difficult to assure yourself of this when your baby sounds like a wailing siren. What if something is actually wrong?

This is the moment you'll wish you had a video monitor.

No matter what method you choose, sleep training is a difficult process. While the cry-it-out method may not be for everyone, it can be a very effective, if somewhat painful, way to teach your child to go to bed. A video monitor can be tremendously helpful, allowing parents to make confident judgments as to whether or not their child is actually in need of their attention while ensuring their safety at all times.

Monitoring Older Children

While introducing your child to their first big-kid bed can be fun, keeping them in it may prove anything but. While some children adapt well, others will take the opportunity to quietly catch up on some quality playtime in their room or even swing by yours to say hello. A video monitor can be a big help during this transition period, especially if your little one has suddenly discovered they have far more interesting things to do than sleep.

Have an escape artist on your hands? Typically, children have all the fun of sneaking out of bed undetected and creeping all the way down the hall before getting caught and accompanied back to bed—a great game by any three-year-old’s standards. But with the help of a video monitor, they’re yours the second they step out of bed, decreasing the fun factor considerably. Chances are, they’ll give up the game sooner rather than later.