Where to Buy Blow Mold Yard Decorations

For a Nostalgic Christmas Yard Scene

Christmas yard decoration
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Some people associate rich velvet and shimmering metallics with the look and feel of the Christmas holidays. Others unpack illuminated plastic blow mold figurines of Santa Claus, a cow sleeping by a manger, or a permanently winking snowman for their lawn to symbolize that it is time for Christmas and the winter holidays.

When you look at photos of Christmases past, do you get all warm and fuzzy when you see that hard plastic, somewhat crudely painted 6-foot Santa Claus that your father dragged out of the garage every year usually the weekend after Thanksgiving?

To some, Santa and his plastic friends might seem tacky. But for you, those memories of the magic that occurred when the sun went down and Dad plugged the bulky cord into the outlet are worth trying to recapture. What can compete with Santa standing in the middle of a dried-up lawn along with huge C9 bulbs dripping off the roof, transforming your one-story tract house into the most dazzling lighting extravaganza in the neighborhood?.

Or maybe you are into vintage and retro holiday decor and enjoy trolling yard sales, Craigslist, and eBay for aluminum Christmas trees, rotating color wheels, and blow molds from the 1950s to 1980s. If you could just get your hands on a Union reindeer with antlers, your lawn-based holiday diorama would be a truly spectacular sight to behold.

Tracking Down Blow Molds

So, where can you find blow mold statues and characters? Most of the original manufacturers have closed their doors, while some have continued and others have started up, realizing an increasing demand for nostalgic holiday decor. Your intrepid and resourceful elves have scoured the internet and holiday decoration books to track down the best places to score a light-up blow mold decoration for your yard.

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    Amazon has everything, including blow mold holiday decorations. Search for "blow molds," "blow mold Christmas" or something similar for best results for new and vintage characters.

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    Ace Hardware

    Ace Hardware, based in Illinois, is the world's largest hardware retail cooperative with more than 5,000 locations and an online shopping option to boot. For this comeback kid of Christmas decor, you can search under "outdoor Christmas," "Christmas blow mold," or "general foam."

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    Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

    Bronner's is a Christmas superstore located in Frankenmuth, Michigan, that has been around since 1945. It carries a wide selection of blow mold holiday decorations under the classification of "lighted plastic items."

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    Christmas Towne

    Operated by the Fair Oaks Nursery in Madison, Wisconsin, Christmas Towne is an outdoor decor website that carries blow mold decorations among other Christmas decor.

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    Ebay is probably the best place to find vintage and collectible light-up blow mold lawn decorations, especially rare ones. This would be the place to track down a one of those highly coveted Mold-Craft reindeer from 1958. To give you a sense of how popular these decorations are, on average, these Ebay auction items can receive more than 100 bids.

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    Etsy sells all kinds of vintage items, including illuminated blow mold holiday decorations. A recent search revealed all different brands and years of plastic Santas, snow people, penguins, angels, melting candles, and some novelties. 

    Search under terms like "Christmas blow mold" or something more specific if you are looking for a character by a certain manufacturer, like "Empire Santa."

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    While the inflatable decorations outnumber blow molds, Lowe's still carries a few, which vary from store to store. Search for "plastic Christmas," "blow mold Christmas," or "outdoor Christmas decorations."

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    Planet Christmas

    Planet Christmas is the go-to site for all things related to decorating for the holidays from blow molds to inflatables to animatronics to light displays. Planet Christmas does not sell blow molds, but enthusiasts share information on decorating techniques, brands, and where to buy new and vintage decor.

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    While they do not sell blow mold Christmas decorations, Blow-Molded is a great reference for archival photos of vintage blow mold holiday lawn decorations, categorized by brand and manufacturer. They also have information on parts, along with original instructions, and instructions for restoration.