Crochet Lover's Ultimate Buying Guide to 2016 Craft Books

The best new and upcoming crochet books

The craft industry has seen a beautiful resurgence of publishing in recent years, which has resulted in a fabulous selection of new crochet books. Whether you want to learn to crochet, seek to advance your skills beyond the basics or just need some patterns to expand on your own body of work, there are crochet books out there to help you. This buying guide rounds up the hottest new and upcoming titles in crochet.

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    Hook to Heal is my new crochet book, a sort of follow-up to Crochet Saved My Life, which was about the mental and physical health benefits of crochet. Hook to Heal looks at how the craft helps us, offering exercises in creativity to help crocheters expand their inner and outer worlds and improve their lives through crafting.

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    Margaret Hubert has a fabulous selection of crochet books, including granny square crochet books, and this title is just another great option from the talented designer. In this book, she selects ten crochet granny squares from two of her previous books and showcases how to create thirty different crochet bags with these squares. This also provides the reader with a terrific understanding of how to mix-and-match crochet patterns to make entirely different projects.

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    Marly Bird is a superb crochet designer (and yarn podcaster) who has compiled 21 cozy crochet patterns in this book. Sometimes you just want to make something that feels comfy and warm, whether it's because you need that item to wear or just because crafting it feels good. The crochet patterns in this book fit that bill.

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    Many crafters love to crochet amigurumi creatures that are based on popular characters. The Marvel comics have been really popular as films in recent years so it's no surprise that people want to crochet them. Now you can using this amigurumi crochet pattern book. Iron Man and Spiderman are just two examples of the crochet patterns featured in this title. It's a full kit with materials to crochet two of the characters.

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    Twinkie Chan inspired the crochet world several years ago when she released her charming book of wearable food-inspired crochet patterns. Now she's finally back with this new title of cute creations for the home. 

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    Melissa Leapman's Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters

    Melissa Leapman's Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters
    Melissa Leapman's Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters. Amazon

    Every crocheter should have a book in their personal craft library showcasing how to crochet a variety of different stitches. This is more than just a how-to guide; it's a source of information and inspiration. This 2016 crochet title is a great option for crafters seeking that type of crochet book.

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    Crochet designer Robyn Chachula always brings us smart, contemporary, chic crochet patterns and this new collection is certainly no exception to that rule. She uses five different crochet lace techniques (pineapple lace, Bruges lace, filet lace, Irish crochet, and Tunisian crochet) in the design of the vintage-inspired crochet patterns in this beautiful book.

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    Tapestry Crochet and More: A Handbook of Crochet Techniques and Patterns

    Tapestry Crochet Book
    Tapestry Crochet Book. Maria Gullberg / Amazon

    Tapestry crochet is a unique and wonderful niche of crochet that uses colorwork to create excellent graphic designs. If you haven't learned tapestry crochet, here's a crochet title that can get you started. 

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    Awesome crochet designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby shows how basic geometric shapes like circles and triangles can be combined together to create perfectly-fitting crochet clothing and accessories. This is invaluable information for anyone who likes to make their own crochet clothing and wants to look stylish at the same time.

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    Animal Heads: Trophy Heads to Crochet

    Crochet Animal Heads Book
    Crochet Animal Heads Book. Vanessa Mooncie / Amazon

    If you've ever seen crochet taxidermy then you know that it's a unique type of crochet that's interesting, artistic and fun. Now there's a crochet book by Vanessa Mooncie that teaches you how to crochet it!

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    From Thread and Wire: 60 Jewelry Projects Using Knitting and Crocheting

    Knit and Crochet Jewelry Book
    Knit and Crochet Jewelry Book. Amazon

    There are some really stunning crochet patterns for making jewelry with wire. This book by Helga Becker brings those together to show you how to make your own jewelry box filled with handcrafted treasures.

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    Additional Awesome Amigurumi Crochet Books

    Alice in Wonderland Crochet Book
    Alice in Wonderland Crochet Book. Amazon

    There are many more new and upcoming crochet books that are worth checking out. Here are the hottest new amigurumi crochet books:

    1. Crochet Stories: Alice in Wonderland by Pat Olski. This is a selection of adorable crochet patterns from the famous fairy tale.
    2. Amigurumi Circus by Joke Vermeiern. This is a fun collection of cute and silly circus-inspired crochet characters. This same editor also compiled another new book called Zoomigurumi 5 that features 15 more amigurumi characters from a dozen...MORE different crochet designers.
    3. Magical Amigurumi Toys by Mari-Liis Lille. This is a collection of 15 stuffed crochet animals filled with cuteness. 
    4. Crochet Amigurumi Dolls by Maria Alejandra Montero. There are four different collections of dolls in this crochet book, and you can change their look by changing their clothing.
    5. Ami Ami Kittens by Mitsuki Hoshi. A collection of cute kitty crochet patterns.
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    Crochet Books for Making Baby Items

    Baby Shoes to Crochet: Grown-up Styles for Little Feet
    Baby Shoes to Crochet: Grown-up Styles for Little Feet. Lucia Forthmann/ Amazon

    If you have babies that you want to crochet for, whether they are ones you know or work you're doing for charity, then you'll be happy to see that there are some great new crochet books out there with patterns you can enjoy. Here are the best new baby crochet books:

    1. Baby Shoes to Crochet: Grown-Up Styles for Little Feet by Lucia Forthmann. Only the cutest baby shoes ever!
    2. Creature Feetures is a collection of animal-inspired crochet baby booties.
    3. Modern Baby Crochet by Sharon Zientara....MORE Each of the cute crochet patterns in this book uses three skeins of yarn or less.
    4. Crochet One-Skein Wonders for Babies. More than 100 crochet patterns that use one skein each.
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    More Crochet Books for Making Clothing and Accessories

    Crochet Tanks and Tunics Book
    Crochet Tanks and Tunics Book. Sandi Rosner / Amazon

    If making items for adults is more your style then these are the hottest crochet books for you:

    1. ​​21 Crocheted Tanks and Tunics by Sandi Rosner. Make crochet tops for all seasons of the year.
    2. Modern Crocheted Shawls and Wraps by Laura Strutt. There are nearly three dozen crochet wrap patterns in this charming collection.
    3. Crocheted Scoodies. Here are twenty crochet patterns for hooded cowls.
    4. Crochet Slippers for the Family. Make cozy shoes for everyone in the house.
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    Crochet Books for Gifts and Home Decor

    Crochet Dishcloths Book
    Crochet Dishcloths Book. Maggie Weldon / Amazon

    People who enjoy making crochet items to decorate their own homes or items to gift to others will enjoy these hot new crochet books:

    1. A Year of Dishcloths by Maggie Weldon. More than fifty different crochet dishcloth patterns to keep you entertained all year long.
    2. 100 Little Crochet Gifts to Make. This is an excellent pattern collection for gift-makers.
    3. Crazy for Crochet. Here are another 70 patterns of all kinds to keep your hooks and hands busy.
    4. Little Crochet Projects: 12 Projects to Make on...MORE the Move. These are small, portable crochet projects that use up scrap yarn for gifts.
    5. Cute and Easy Crocheted Cozies by Nikki Trench. Dress up anything in the home with a bit of pretty crochet!
    6. Granny Squares and Shapes by Sue Pinner. This is a collection of twenty crochet patterns based on granny squares and other similar motifs.
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    More Crochet Books for Learning to Crochet

    Learn to Crochet Book
    Learn to Crochet Book. Anna Wilkinson / Amazon

    If you are still in the early stages of learning how to crochet then you might want to get some books with both crochet instruction and beginner patterns. Here are the newest of those crochet books:

    1. Learn to Crochet, Love to Crochet by Anna Wilkinson. This crochet book features 20 beginner patterns for clothing and accessories.
    2. Crochet Flowers Step by Step by Tanya Shliazhko. Learn to crochet using flowers as the basis of instruction.
    3. Crochet: Techniques and Projects to Build a Lifelong Passion...MORE For Beginners Up by Tracey Todhunter. A photo-rich guide to learn how to crochet.