21 Cabin Bathroom Ideas That Are Rustic-Chic

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Dan Smedley

Decorating a cabin is such a different experience than a condo unit or apartment—but that is especially true for a cabin bathroom. Rustic and whimsical, cabin bathrooms often double as a spa-like atmosphere for relaxing and cleaning up after a day spent in nature.

Below, we’ve rounded up a handful of gorgeous cabin bathrooms that are equal parts rustic and chic. From natural wood accents and floral patterns to raw concrete and reclaimed furniture, these cabin bathrooms are sure to provide inspiration for your own rustic retreat.

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    Use Natural Materials

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    When decorating a rustic themed bathroom, it is important to use natural materials whenever possible. This will help to create a more cohesive look and feel in the space. “Some great examples of natural materials that can be used in a rustic bathroom are wood, stone, and metal,” says Dan Wiener, founder of the home-focused blog HomeDude. “You can choose stone tile for the floor and walls, or use wooden beams or panels on the ceiling.”

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    Reclaim Shiplap

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    Cameron Smith

    Say what you want about shiplap but it looks great in a rustic-chic cabin bathroom. Natural wood paneling can work great in a cabin bathroom but if you’re looking to foster a sense of airiness it’s best to go for a white washed stain or paint job.

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    Pick Soft Hues

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    When it comes to creating a rustic bathroom, earth tones are the perfect way to go, explains Wiener. Not only do they create a warm and cozy atmosphere, but they also help to create a natural look that is perfect for this type of bathroom. “Some of the best earth tones to use for a rustic bathroom include brown, beige, tan, green, and olive,” he explains. “Try to avoid bright colors since they tend to look too garish in this setting.”

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    Add a Wet Sink

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    Erik Mclean

    Retro-inspired farmhouse accents—like an old school wet sink—will offer a rustic aesthetic that is just as practical as something modern. Adding a DIY wet sink is also a great way to repurpose weathered furniture.

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    Embrace Turkish Towels

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    Hannah Tyler Designs

    There’s something about Turkish towels that offer an instant cheerful and beachy feeling. Not only do they look great when folded on open shelving or hanging on wall hooks, they’re quick drying and absorbent, which makes them great for a lake house.

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    Less Is More

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    The key to pulling off a rustic cottage bathroom is to remember that less is more, says Shannon Serpette, director of The Design Home, a design and decor webmagazine. “Think about making smart, eye-catching touches without hitting people over the head with your theme by including too many obvious items like bear toilet paper holders,” she explains. “Focus on your theme throughout—for example, your vanity could be made from reclaimed wood.”

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    Don’t Overlook the Weathered and Worn

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    Adding weathered furniture or worn wood tones throughout the space is ideal when designing a rustic cottage bathroom. Deep-hued natural wood is perfect for creating depth and warmth in a room—but weathered wood is also great against a white base.

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    Floral Patterns Are Key

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    Cheeky floral patterns are a great way to add some whimsical rustic accents to the space—but be careful to do so sparingly. Floral patterned accents, like linens or contact paper, offer a pop of color without venturing into kitsch territory.

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    Opt for Brass Accents

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    Dan Counsell

    Fun accents are a hallmark for rustic cottage decor—and are one of the easiest ways to make your cottage look comfy and cozy. Decorative vintage brass, stained glass, and interesting light fixtures all lend themselves well to the aesthetic.

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    Consider Wooden Cabinetry

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    “The secret with stuff like this is to not lean all the way into it,” says Rick Berres, founder of the remodeling company Honey Doers. “You want rustic elements that tie your design aesthetic together with the rest of the home, but not something that looks ridiculous and over the top.”

    For example, according to Berres, you don’t need wood paneling in the bathroom, but you can absolutely have some nice wooden cabinets or drawers in the same sort of stain as the rest of the wood in your cottage.

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    Add Rustic Accessories

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    A simple metal bathtub caddy, a wrought iron mirror, or wooden accent walls can add to the overall effect. You can also hang rustic-looking decorations like dried flowers, wicker baskets, and plants to complete the look.

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    Go for Raw Materials

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    According to Berres, raw and natural materials are also a great way to add rustic-chic to your bathroom. Having a countertop or barn door that’s raw and imperfect is a great way to add that warmth and life into a space that would normally be quite clinical and unnatural.

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    Consider Apothecary-Inspired Jars and Bottles

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    Hannah Tyler Design

    The quickest way to make a cabin bathroom look a little more rustic-chic? Add apothecary-inspired jars and bottles. The amber-hued bottles are subtle but make a huge impact on a minimal countertop.

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    Stick to Natural Colors

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    “Color is a big part of pulling this off in a chic way,” says Berres. “You’ll want to stick to natural colors, like brown, white, sage green; you’re not working against the rustic theme, you’re trying to incorporate it. Consider white tiling with light wood accents.”

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    Consider Concrete Flooring and Tiles

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    Yann Maignan

    “I have done a couple of rustic cottage bathrooms in the past, and the one theme/material I found really great is concrete flooring,” explains Reed Johnson, founder of Jackson Tile Installation. “Concrete is also easy to accentuate and play with because it is very basic.You can be creative with colorful mosaic tiles or just have an industrial finish with gray, black, and white concept.”

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    Mix Patterns and Paneling

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    Aaron Huber

    A mix of patterns is a hallmark of rustic-chic design, says Jen Stark, founder of Happy DIY Home. “You want to take time to experiment with different patterns and textiles in the room. Think solid furniture pieces, rich wood paneling, and jute or bamboo blinds.”

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    Use Reclaimed Accessories

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    Jonny Caspari

    “Weathered, reclaimed, or repainted wood always has a place in modern cottage interiors,” says Stark. “Darker natural wood can add contrast and depth to the home but painted or weathered wood can break up the white base and add color.”

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    Combine Subway Tile and Wood

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    Josh Duke

    Mixing subway tile and classic wood is an easy way to create a rustic feel. “All the pattern styles are welcomed because the cottage's interior resembles a life's collection. Therefore, from woods to tiles, all patterns are going to bring an aesthetic appeal to the place,” says Stark.

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    Make Room for Plenty of Plants

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    Lisa Moyneur

    Don’t forget about plants! “Greenery that thrives in wet, warm environments will love it here, and it’s another excellent way to bring those natural elements inside your home,” says Stark.

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    Look for Cozy Yet Practical Accents

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    Cozy accessories and accents are a great way to bring in some rustic vibes that are practical for day-to-day life. Wire or wicker baskets make for wonderful storage—or you could add reclaimed wood drawers for a sophisticated take on rustic decor.

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    Opt for Wooden Beams

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    Rumman Amin

    Wooden beams—whether for structural purposes or purely aesthetic—make any room of the house look more cozy and sophisticated but can especially warm up a cabin bathroom.