9 Cabinet Stain Colors and How to Coordinate Them

Bathroom cabinets with natural wood stain below mirror

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

If you have natural wood cabinetry in your bathroom or your kitchen, you have a couple of options if it's time for a refresh: You can paint it or you can stain it. Stained cabinetry has risen in popularity over the past few years, particularly for homeowners who want to embrace a more rustic look that really shows off the natural texture of the wood. Plus, oftentimes staining is much easier than repainting your cabinets, especially if you are going darker.

If your cabinets are in need of a refresh, we've rounded up some of our favorite wood stain ideas and how to style them in your own home.

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    Classic Chestnut Stain

    Bathroom with chestnut stain

    Design: Michelle Lisac Interior Design

    Photography: Jennie Corti

    This classic chestnut wood stain from Michelle Lisac Interior Design really highlights how beautiful natural wood really can be. The eye-catching wood grain here really shines through and adds a lot of texture to the bathroom.

    Because this stain is so rich and the wood textures are so vibrant, we recommend pairing with lighter colors like white or gray and keeping the rest of the space toned down to allow the cabinetry to really take center stage.

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    Clear Stain for a Weathered Look

    Bathroom vanity with weathered wood

    The Dotted Bow

    This cabinet stain idea from The Dotted Bow is a wonderful DIY if you want to lighten up your existing dark brown wood cabinetry. Here, the original varnish was stripped off to create a rustic look, and a clear stain was used to seal it. We recommend this look on smaller projects (like this bathroom vanity) instead of a larger one like a kitchen, but it's a wonderful way to revamp a tired vanity.

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    Medium Gray Stain

    Cabinets in a kitchen with gray stain

    designersbuildersinc / Instagram

    If you love neutral cabinets but don't want to go for the painted look, this medium gray strain from designersbuildersinc is a great choice. It's perfect for modern farmhouse kitchens and works well with lighter countertops. You will want to avoid darker accents with this color to keep the space from feeling too dark.

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    Gray and White

    Kitchen with white and gray cabinets

    indianakitchencompany / Instagram

    This oversized kitchen from indianakitchencompany not only features beautiful white painted kitchen cabinets, but the island sports a light gray stain that helps to give the space a little more depth and create a more rustic feel. Pairing a stain with a painted cabinet is a wonderful way to mix a modern look and feel into the more traditional style of using a wood stain.

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    Blue Stain

    Kitchen with white cabinets and blue stained island

    Design: townandcountrykitchenandbath

    Photography: patriciaburkephoto

    Can't decide between paint and stain for your cabinets? We love this look from townandcountrykitchenandbath that features wonderful white painted cabinetry with a custom blue stain on the island. This combination adds a pop of color without clashing or feeling too bold. The blue stain is a great choice for someone who wants a bit of color but still wants a neutral look.

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    Blonde Wood Stain

    Kitchen island with blond wood stain

    eyeforpretty / Instagram

    The minimalist Scandinavian is hugely popular, and a cabinet stain is a great way to get it in your own home. This lovely kitchen from eyeforpretty features a blonde stain that gives off the illusion of unfinished wood in the best way. It's perfect for small or large spaces and a great alternative to a white kitchen.

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    Dark Brown Stain

    Dark brown cabinet stain

    normandyremodeling / Instagram

    A dark wood cabinet is traditional and classic and though white kitchens and bathrooms have become more and more popular, there's still a place for a deep brown stained cabinet. This bathroom vanity from normandyremodeling features a mahogany stain that gives it a rich, warm appearance.

    When working with stains this dark, focus on lighter or cool colors. While dark colors can work with rich stains like this, a lighter one will create a lovely contrast and a more neutral color palate.

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    Natural Wood Stain

    Bathroom with natural wood stain

    ourhamptonhouse / Instagram

    If you love a more natural look, check out this bathroom vanity from ourhamptonhouse. This medium brown stain is light enough to show off the unique grain in the wood, giving it a textured look.

    Here, the natural wood is paired with shiplap and industrial accents, but this stain is a versatile one that pairs well with lighter or darker palettes.

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    Dark Gray

    Buffet with dark gray stain

    indianakitchencompany / Instagram

    This rich gray stain from indianakitchencompany is a nice option between a darker brown and a gray. The depth of the color gives it a richness that adds warmth to the space. We love this stain paired with black accents or lighter ones like light gray or beige. Here, both black and white work well with the deep gray and create a nice contrast.