What Color Cabinets Go With Black Granite Countertops?

black granite countertops and blue cabinets

Kristen Elizabeth Design

Does your kitchen feature black granite countertops? If so, you're in luck, as designers are loving this look as of late. "We are using black countertops of all types in our projects," Laura Pankonien, of The Pankonien Group, says. "We love how a black countertop coordinates well with any paint color and most finishes and is a good solution for clients who prefer to use a lower-maintenance material."

As a bonus, black countertops look great with a number of cabinet paint colors. "Unlike many light color marbles and quartzites, virtually any paint color will pair well with a black countertop, including whites, tans, blues, greens, and even the muddy clay and pink hues that we are seeing more of recently," Pankonien explains.

That being said, nailing down the exact paint color that's right for you and your kitchen may be a bit daunting, given how many options look wonderful with black. So we turned to the pros, who weigh in below with their all-time favorite hues to pair with black granite. Whether you're looking to stick with the classics or do something a bit out of the ordinary, you can't go wrong with any of the paint color picks below.

blue countertops and granite

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Dark, Almost Black Hues

Add some mystery to your kitchen! Amy Peltier, of Peltier Interiors, is a fan of going dark in a kitchen with black granite countertops. "Dark colors that are almost black but have undertones of color like dark inky blue, green, or even standard grey are a perfect blend for any black countertop," she says. But that's not all. using darker colors enhances the kitchen to create a moodier atmosphere. Peltier says, "As a design bonus, using darker finishes on cabinets will prevent the area from feeling chopping and more elevated."

Eleanor Trepte, of Dekay & Tate, agrees that dark colors are her preference for cabinetry that touches the granite countertops. "Dark green or a very deep blue makes your kitchen look sleek and modern."

Tiffani Baumgart, of Tiffani Baumgart Interiors, also suggests choosing a dark green. "It creates a timeless, classic feeling with an unmistakable edge," she says. Not sure what specific hues to use within this color family? "Some of my favorite paint colors with black countertops are Sherwin Williams Greenblack, Sherwin Williams Sea Serpent and Sherwin Williams Forged Steel," Bridgette Caporaso, of Sketch Design Studio, says.


In a similar vein, blue makes for a wonderful cabinet paint color choice alongside granite. Kristen Fiore, of Kristen Elizabeth Design, refers to this combination as "timeless."  In a recent Sacramento project, she paired a black granite countertop with pale blue painted cabinets and raw oversized wooden knobs. "It gives a delightful British vibe in this downtown urban kitchen," Fiore says.

blue cabinets and granite counters

Kristen Elizabeth Design

Black or Gray

If you're someone who appreciates a monochrome room, note that you can certainly go this route in the kitchen. Black countertops always look lovely with classic neutral hues, says Emma Beryl Kemper of Emma Beryl Interiors. "The traditional black countertop white cabinet look is timeless, while a more modern, minimal look is to do a black or gray cabinet with black countertops."

black granite and white cabinets

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Stained Wood

Prefer an all-natural look? Baumgart suggests trying an earthy stained wood for a stunning and rich look. This style would look especially lovely in a modern farmhouse-inspired kitchen. Note that there are many stains to choose from; you'll want to select one that will continue to appeal to you over time. Caporaso prefers to avoid orange or yellow-toned woods. "This can become less appealing over time," she says.

Something Unexpected

While the hues highlighted above are pretty traditional, don't be afraid to go bold. If there's an out-of-the-box hue you love, why not utilize it in your kitchen with black granite countertops? Hema Persad, of Sagrada Studio, weighs in with a few suggestions. "Opt for a muted blue shade like Farrow and Ball Selvedge or a burgundy shade like Clare Paint Vintage. Tones like this will give your kitchen a more storied, historical feel."

granite countertops and blue cabinets

Design: The Pankonien Group / Photo: Avery Nicole