Meaning, Properties, and Uses of Calcite in Feng Shui

A Purifying Crystal With Many Colorful Varieties

color range of calcite

The Spruce / Kara Riley

Calcite crystals have many energetic benefits, making them wonderful tools to enhance and boost the feng shui of your home. Since calcite is found in such a wide range of hues, all with unique qualities, it’s likely you’ll find a variety that resonates with you.

What Is Calcite?

Calcite is a crystal that comes in many different colors. It’s often used to amplify and purify energy and balance the mind, and different varieties of calcite also have additional properties.

Properties of Calcite

  • Color: clear, white, black, blue, brown, golden, green, orange, red, rainbow, pink, yellow
  • Chakra: Depends on color
  • Number: Vibrates to 8
  • Planet: Depends on color
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Bagua areas: Depends on color
  • Elements: Metal, and others depending on color
  • Origin: Belgium, Czech Republic, Iceland, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, UK, USA (found in almost all countries)

Meaning and Uses of Calcite

Calcite has the ability to amplify and cleanse energy, as well as clear and balance the chakras. It can also absorb and transform negative energy. Calcite is a crystal that calms the mind and enhances mental clarity, and it also connects the emotions with the intellect. 

In addition, each color of calcite has different qualities and may be used for different purposes. Depending on the hue, certain calcites resonate with specific chakras and enhance particular types of energy. 

Calcite Colors and Healing Properties

Clear or White Calcite

Clear or white calcite resonates with all of the chakras, especially the third eye. It’s a cleansing and revitalizing stone, and is helpful in making changes, removing blocks, and embarking on new beginnings. 

Black Calcite

Black calcite can uncover memories so that we can let go of them and move forward. It’s also a helpful stone for challenging periods in life.  

Blue Calcite

Blue calcite is especially beneficial for clearing and cleansing the third eye and throat chakras. It has a soothing energy and aids in finding mental clarity and calm. It also enhances communication and self-expression. 

Brown Calcite

Like blue calcite, brown calcite aids in finding mental clarity and peace but also brings balance and stability. It is associated with the sacral and root chakras.

Golden Calcite

Golden calcite is uplifting and relaxing, and a good stone for meditation. It can also help with confidence and has an affinity for the solar plexus and crown chakras. 

Green Calcite

Turn to green calcite when you want to tap into the energy of gratitude and abundance. It connects to the heart chakra and has a soothing energy, helping to shift out of negative emotions and release stagnation. 

Orange Calcite

Orange calcite is uplifting, energizing, and revitalizing. It activates the sacral chakra, related to themes of creativity and sexuality. It helps us to balance our energy, gain self-trust, and become more confident. 

Red Calcite

Red calcite connects to the root and heart chakras. It aids in removing blocks and increasing energy, vitality, and motivation. 

Rainbow Calcite

As the name suggests, rainbow calcite contains a mix of multiple colors. It is helpful in aligning the chakras, balancing energy, and boosting positivity. 

Mangano Calcite

This is a soft pink stone with a loving energy. Mangano calcite connects to the heart chakra and increases feelings of safety and hope. It can also aid in acceptance and forgiveness.

Yellow Calcite

This stone ranges from a light yellow to a deep lemon yellow color. Yellow calcite increases positive energies and gives you focus. It can aid in deep relaxation and is good for meditation.

calcite closeup
The Spruce / Kara Riley

Uses in Feng Shui

Activate Your Meditation Space

Whether you have a whole room dedicated to meditation or just a small altar in the corner of your bedroom, this is a great place to put a crystal that supports an intention you’d like to cultivate. If, for example, orange calcite really resonates with you and you want to focus on increasing your creativity and confidence, try adding this stone to your meditation area. Every time you take a moment to be mindful in this part of your home, you’ll be reminded of your intention and supported by the energy of the crystal. 

Activate the Feng Shui Bagua

The feng shui bagua is a sort of energy map that feng shui practitioners use to understand the energy of a space. It is a mandala, with eight areas surrounding a center, and is often represented as a three-by-three grid. If you’ve been researching feng shui for a little while, you probably know that each bagua area (called a gua) is related to a particular aspect of life. Each gua also has many layers of meaning and associations. 

One way to work with calcite and feng shui is to place it in one of the bagua areas that you’d like to activate. The simplest way to do this is by choosing a calcite crystal in a color that corresponds to the gua you’d like to work on. For example, the New Beginnings area of the bagua is related to the color green, so you can activate new beginnings in your life by placing green calcite there. You can also simply place a white or clear calcite in any of the guas to balance and cleanse the energy in that area. 

Activate the Five Elements

Because calcite comes in so many beautiful colors, it can also be a great stone to activate the five elements. Each of the five elements is connected to certain colors, as well as specific qualities. To invite more of an element’s qualities into your life, place a calcite crystal in the corresponding color in your home with intention. Here are a few of the qualities and colors associated with each of the elements: 

Wood Element

  • Colors: Green and blue
  • Wood is related to growth, rejuvenation, and new beginnings.

Water Element

  • Color: Black
  • Water represents wisdom, intuition, and social connections.

Metal Element

  • Colors: White and gray
  • The metal element is connected to joy, beauty, and precision.

Earth Element

  • Colors: Yellow and orange
  • Earth is related to stability, groundedness, and nourishment. 

Fire Element

  • Colors: Red
  • The fire element represents passion, motivation, and inspiration.