Hatched! A Wonderful Calcium Supplement For Your Pet Bird

Hatched Eggshell Supplement
A Very Convenient Product. Photo courtesy of Twin Beaks Aviary

While most humans rely on dairy products for their calcium needs, this is an issue with pet birds due to the fact that they do not tolerate the lactose in dairy products. So you have to find another way to supply calcium to your birds. 

Calcium is a little hard to come by in vegetables. That’s not to say that there aren’t vegetables that can supply your flock with calcium, but a little bit of a boost from a natural product certainly wouldn’t hurt and can only help your pet birds in the long run.


Some species of birds simply require more types of foods and nutrients than others. Hyacinth macaws for instance, require more fat in their diet which many families supply by feeding them macadamia nuts. It’s an important aspect of caring for these beautiful blue birds and while macadamia nuts are a bit pricey, Hyacinth macaw families fork out the money to get these valuable and nutritious nuts into their diets. They know that it is important and they want to keep their birds healthy and thriving. 

There are many products out there that you can use to increase your pet bird’s calcium levels, but this is the latest product and I like the philosophy behind it. 

The product is Hatched!™ and it is the latest brain child from Cathy DeHaan at her company, Twin Beaks Aviary. It is an all-natural calcium supplement and it is made entirely from egg shells. 

Hatched!™ has taken the trouble of processing these eggshells out of your hands and packaged this product to make life easier for you.


Normally, you would have to save up egg shells by either freezing them or refrigerating them, Then you must boil them in water at a rolling boil of at least three and a half minutes at 212 degrees to ensure of their purity and kill and bacterial growth or other germs that may still be on the shell.

This process is called pasteurization. This method has been recommended by the recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture Food Inspection and Safety Service. (USDA) 

Then, the egg shells must be pulverized by using a food processor, Vita-Mix Blender, coffee bean grinder or other method to break them down into a powder or in tiny bits so your birds can eat them. 

Eggs are indeed washed before they are shipped commercially in the United States which is why they must be refrigerated after this commercial washing. This wash that they put the eggs through removes a protective layer that renders the egg more porous. The refrigeration reduces the danger of any bacterial invasion of the eggs that might occur if they were left on the kitchen counter. 

In many other countries, commercial eggs aren’t put through this washing process, so it is safe to leave eggs unrefrigerated before use. This is not the case in the United States. 

Twin Beaks Aviary has taken the hassle out of having to process the egg shell. And they have a different way of thinking regarding how to offer it to your birds. They suggest that you offer it to your flock in a separate bowl and let them have a free choice as to whether they need it or not.

Twin Beaks believes that birds will instinctively eat what their systems require if it is offered. So this is a product you simply put in a bowl and let your birds peck at it when the mood strikes them. There is more to this than meets the eye. When you are offering Hatched!™ to your bird in a separate bowl, you are giving her the choice of when to eat it and how much to eat. Allowing birds to make choices is an important aspect of maintaining your bird’s well-being and this little adjustment in their life could make a huge difference to them. 

So it is not a product that you are required to sprinkle onto their regular food. You don’t have to worry about giving them too much or too little. Much like their product Herb Salad, you simply offer it to them and allow them to decide what they need.


When people think of malnutrition, they think of a bird or any other living thing for that matter as getting to little nutrition or undernutrition. But that isn’t entirely true. In a paper written by Gary D. Butcher and Richard D. Miles at the University of Florida that explained that over-nutrition can cause just as many problems in companion birds as deficiencies can. The paper did explain that this is primarily caused by feeding too much food or not enough variety of food that seems to cause this problem. They also point out that the nutritional requirements of a bird vary according to the bird’s current physical status. Some of these in particular are the general health of the bird, the age, and the breeding status. I could probably add a couple more to this list: Is your bird molting and is your bird laying eggs? If those are happening you are going to need to add additional calcium ignored to replace the calcium being used to form eggs and form and grow feathers to replace the feathers that have been molted. 

I did some research on what is contained in egg shell matter and I discovered that it is more than simply calcium your bird is getting. They are really on the bonus plan as they are getting much more.

They contain phosphorus which is critical for maintaining strong bones. One of the side advantages of this added phosphorus is that it actually aids the body’s system of managing how it uses fats and carbohydrates. 

Another component of eggshells are amino acids. Amino acids make up the second-largest part of body cells found in muscles and other tissues. (The largest component of a cell is water.) These acids are a very important part of anyone’s diet. They feed the brain by zeroing in on taking car of and dueling up neurotransmitters. The role neurotransmitters play is to relay information between the neurons in the brain which essentially allow to think and to act on those thoughts. 

So this is a wonderful product to add to your arsenal of foods to give your flock that might benefit them in the overall scheme of things by upping their intake of calcium.


Hatched!™ is produced and packaged in a facility regulated by the FDA and it is a human grade rated facility. It is pure eggshell that is sanitized and every single batch produced is test for quality and earns a certificate of analysis. It is simply a good practice when you want to provide pet birds everywhere only the best you can offer.