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    Calico Cat Summer

    Cat Calendar Pictures Honoring Calico Cats for June Summer. © Beth Armstrong aka bejordarm

    Calico cats represent the brilliant rainbow of colors on a sunny summer day. Of all cat color patterns, Calicos are perhaps the loveliest with their tri-colored exuberance. Although most Calicos are females because of genetics, the rare male does sometimes pop up, as you may see in this album. We hope you enjoy this picture calendar featuring colorful calico cats.

    Summer is Our First Featured Calico:

    Our forum members share the belief that Beth will one day be united with Summer, as will all of us...MORE with cats we've lost.

    This is my angel kitty Summer. I found Summer when I was working as a riding instructor at a girl scout camp in 1988. She was a pitiful, skinny little thing who showed up around the dining hall. I took her with me to the tack room and began feeding her. I took her home to my parents' house with me. They were out of town so naturally, I rushed her to the vet to get vaccinations and spayed so that when they returned, they could not tell me "no." They already had several cats. Summer tested positive for feline leukemia. Upon further testing, we discovered that she was a carrier only and not shedding the virus, so the vet said she would be fine with other cats.

    When I moved to Louisiana in 1991 for grad school, I had to leave Summer in KY. She would have been miserable without her cat pals. One night in 1995, I woke up from a dead sleep and said "Sum Sum??" (her nickname) out loud for no apparent reason. As it turned out this was either the day before or the day of my parents' having to take Summer to be put to sleep, as the FeLV had finally gotten her. I think she must have sent me vibes that night, to wake me up and tell me goodbye.

    A few weeks later, a fat white cat showed up at our place and Abbey never left. We think Summer sent her to us. I miss my little calico. She loved to walk just out of reach, squeak, and flop down so we could go to her and adore her. My dad said she must have had round feet, as she was always flopping over. He called her "little kitty flop and squeak." Summer is now at the Rainbow Bridge, where I know that I will see her again.

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    Calico Cat Callie

    Picture of Calico Callie on Tree
    Cat Calendar Pictures Honoring Calico Cats for June Callie, Picture 2. © Ronald Sherowsky

    Callie enjoys a stretch in her cat tree, perfect for displaying her lovely long legs and quintessential calico coloring.

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    Calico Cat Callie

    Picture of Calico cat, Callie
    Cat Calendar Pictures Honoring Calico Cats for June Callie. © Ronald Sherowsky

    Callie was also honored as Cat of the Week. Her coat is so stunning that I'm including the second photo, next.

    Her name is Callie. She is currently two years old and totally out of control. I call her my "greyhound" cat because she is very thin with very long legs. Her favorite thing to do is run as fast as she can all through the house and jump as high as she can. She is a one cat wrecking crew and full of attitude.

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    Calico Cat Pippin

    Cat Calendar Pictures Honoring Calico Cats for June Pippin, Rare Male Calico. © Francine Bryar aka HobbitsMommy

    Pippin and the Hobbits were also forum favorites, along with Francine, their self-dubbed "typist." Francine was Francine Bryar who, unfortunately, passed away at 37 from a congenital heart defect. She was one of the founders and President of the Heart Defects Society of Windsor and Essex Counties at the time of her passing. To call Francine a "favorite" is a misnomer. She was so sweet and personable that it was easy to love her and difficult to refrain from worship (which would...MORE likely have embarrassed her.)

    Pippin was the youngest of the Hobbits, and one of the rare male calicos. The majority of his red coloring was in his hindquarters, but his browns/blacks and whites were clearly visible. Pippin had the strangest sleeping habits. The first was his "SuperPips" pose... sound asleep, all stretched out. The second was his "Give my tummy some scritches" sleeping pose.

    According to Francine, "He has the softest belly in the world!! Good thing he likes belly scritches!"

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    Calico Cat Trouble

    Picture of Calico cat, Trouble
    Cat Calendar Pictures Honoring Calico Cats for June Trouble. © HOSTBarb

    "My little fluffy girl in full winter coat."

    Trouble lives with former forum host, Barb, in Oz. Both of them were popular forum members. :) The next page shows Trouble full body, with more of her history.

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    Calico Cat Trouble, the Huntress

    Picture of Calico cat Trouble, stalking a lure
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Trouble, the Huntress. © HOSTBarb

    This picture shows the real beauty of Trouble's coloring and Barb expands on her story.

    Trouble got her name when I found that she was living with her scruffy, close to starving mum and dad under my back verandah. When I became aware that I was sheltering the little family she was about three weeks old and just starting to explore. Her starving mother, Mayhem, got her name when she ripped up a stack of empty cat food boxes I had stored on the verandah, waiting to be flattened and bundles for...MORE the recycle bin, in a desperate search for food.

    I put a full bowl of dry food out for her, and she leaped on it like a tiger - she didn't even mind me stroking the bony knobs on her back. When she'd eaten about half the bowl, she made a chirruping cry, then jumped down and returned immediately with a squirming puff of fluff: Trouble!

    It was several months before I could lay hands on them again. Trouble grew into a hissing, feisty girl, Mayhem would also stand her ground and hiss, but Paranoia would give a horrified glare and bolt over the fence or under the verandah if I so much as glanced his way. About four months later Mayhem went into heat, and while she was attempting to seduce any available toms by rolling and yowling I was able to scoop her up and stuff her into a cage and it was off to the vets.

    The very next day, with her mum in my laundry recovering from her spay, Trouble allowed me to get closer than ever before, and three months later I was able to snaffle her and she made her trip to lose those inconvenient bits. A week in the laundry accustomed her to being stroked (but not held), though she threatened instant death to Gnawra, who would go down and abuse her at regular intervals, and my two boys, even though they were about the same age and really wanted to play.

    She was the last of the ferals to become an indoor kitty - Paranoia had screamed and sneaked his way into the house within a few weeks of my stealing his balls (obviously that meant I'm honour bound to see he lived the rest of his days in comfort), and Mayhem had rehomed herself with a neighbour - but had her flowery cat bed and some toys on my verandah, and would insist on her daily brushing and loving.

    She is now my fur neckpiece, sleeps on me, as close to my face as she can get each night, and demands I stop work and hold her if I sit at the computer. She bosses all the other cats, including her father, though together they weigh about five times as much, and rules my house with the inch of needle-sharp claws in her soft white paws.

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    Calico Cat Muffin

    Picture of Calico cat, Muffin
    Cat Calendar Pictures Honoring Calico Cats for June Muffin. © Wanetick Sisters

    Muffin is also featured in the Cats Being Cats Picture Gallery on this site.

    This is Muffin Wanetick just getting ready in the morning for her busy day. We got her at the Michigan Humane Society. She is around thirteen but as you can see doesn't look a day over ten, and it is clear that the camera loves her.

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    Calico Cat Abigail

    Picture of Calico cat, Abigail
    Cat Calendar Pictures Honoring Calico Cats for June Abigail. © Mia

    Abigail - was used for medical testing at an upstate new york college. Although she had a horrible past she is so sweet and she always seems to be getting into some kind of trouble, which is one of her nicknames.

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    Calico Cat Ashley

    Picture of calico cat Ashley
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Ashley. © Cheryl Fortier

    I got Ashley from a lady who was moving to the Caribbean to play steel drums. Ashley is a very wiggy female calico. She kind of reminds me of a cross between Miss Piggy and Phoebe from Friends. She runs down the hallway (quite funny given her large size) to hug the door jamb of the hall bath and then walks around all dignified afterward. She loves to 'talk' to me when I whistle to the radio and likes watching the 'birdies' on tv and in the back yard.

    Ashley loves to cuddle and...MORE shows her affection by nibbling on you. She will get on her hind legs and beg when she wants something really bad. I often call her 'Miss Ashley' and my mom likes to call her 'Smashley'. Ashley is ten years old and lives in Peoria, AZ.

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    Calico Cat Mojo

    Picture of calico cat Mojo
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Mojo. © Marilyn aka blissfulbeader

    Mojo was a shelter kitten who spent the first five months of her life very sick in a cage at the shelter. She is mostly white, with her Calico markings only on her head and her extremely long tail. This is her settling in after her bath on her first day with me.

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    Calico Cat Cleo

    Picture of calico cat Cleo
    Cleo. © Judy Litt

    I've often told Judy Litt that she could easily take over my site; she's a real cat expert bar none and my resident expert on raw feeding and clicker training.

    "While Cleo left this world several years ago, she is always in my heart. She was one of a litter of kittens living outside my apartment many years ago, and I took her in much to Puss's chagrin. She was a real flirt and loved people. She also loved to be held, and I called her my stress ball. She was also quite feisty, as...MORE calicoes tend to be. Her battle with CRF (chronic renal failure) and severe IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) sparked my interest in learning more about cats, cat nutrition, and alternative therapies."

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    Calico Cat Maui

    Picture of Calico cat Maui
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Maui. © Brina Johnston

    Okay, so Maui, like Mojo, is mostly white. But her little head is loaded with calico markings, which earned her spot here.

    This is my kitty Maui! She is a very unique and loves to talk. peanut butter and juice are some of her favorite treats! she will eat just about anything.

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    Calico Cat Cali

    Picture of Calico Cat Cali
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Cali. © Erin Lynn Hardwick

    Cali is an adorable calico kitten and was chosen for the final week in July as Cats Picture of the Week.

    This is my baby Cali. Luckily, my son and husband heard her meowing from under the spare tire of my SUV and bribed her out into the open with bologna. She was just a tiny little furball matted with grease and burrs, so into the house she went for a bath, a comb-out, and some decent kitty food. I wasn't looking for another kitty just at the moment, but Cali found me, so I figured she was...MORE meant to be mine. She is my first Calico, but I can guarantee that she won't be my last.

    This is a picture of her keeping me company while I work. I type, and she sits on my printer and basks in the sunshine. What else are kitties for?

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    Calico Cat Calli

    Picture of Calico Cat Calli
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Calli. © Florence

    It isn't surprising how many "Calli" names crop up for these lovely calico girls.

    Calli: A mostly white calico, Calli was adopted last year when she was about 9 months old. She is almost 2 years old now and has gotten quite fat! Although she is an indoor cat, Calli doesn't believe it and rushes to the door every time she hears a key in the lock, a car in the driveway, etc. I now let her out on the front porch (supervised) for a couple of minutes or put on her harness. Calli is...MORE affectionate, playful & active.

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    Calico Cat Thalia

    Picture of Calico Cat Thalia
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Thalia. © Maja Hranisavljevic

    Thalia (she was already featured in Just kittens picture gallery), is a calico tabby.  She is a really good poser. She is a lively cat, runs throughout the house, jumps, and a couple of times she even escaped outside, but luckily every time I found her and brought her back. She likes to nibbles on greenery, because of her I planted some wheat grass; she takes every opportunity to sneak to the terrace and nibble some wheat grass.

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    Calico Cat Betty

    Picture of Calico cat Betty
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Betty. © Charla

    I adopted Betty from a local rescue organization. Her first mommy had to go into an assisted living facility, and they wouldn't let her bring her cat, so she put her up for adoption, hoping to find a loving home. When she came to me her name was Patches. I changed her name to Betty, and she responded well to her new name. She is such a lover girl. She likes to lay in front of me on the desk when I'm on the computer. Sometimes she is in the way, but I just don't have the heart to make...MORE her get down. She is so spoiled. She is a one person cat for sure. When anyone comes to my house, she hides.

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    Calico Cat Daja

    Picture of Calico Cat Daja
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Daja. © Sherry

    Daja was also selected for Cats Picture of the Week in July

    This is Daja, she is an almost one-year-old calico, with six toes (polydactyl). She loves to play in the morning especially, and this is her at Christmas.

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    Calico Cat Abbie

    Picture of Calico Cat Abbie
    Cats Picture Calendar for July Abbie. © Mary Lee DeFord

    I adopted Abbie from a pet rescue group when she was 9 months old. They found her when she was 6 months old in a box at a city park, abandoned, starved, and with a litter of kittens. Abbie and (her buddy) Misters got along great as soon as I brought her home. She is getting over her shyness of people, but still doesn't really like to be held. She does, however, come around every day for a quick snuggle and a bit of scratching under the chin. Unfortunately, Abbie has eating issues (severe...MORE overeating and vomiting); probably the result of being starved. We are making great progress in getting that under control. They are both my very precious babies!

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    Calico Cat Callie

    Calico Cat Callie
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Callie. Photo Credit: © Lynn D'Ovidio

    My husband brought Callie home from our place of business 15 years ago. She was such a small thing and so scared, I came to Florida with cats, but Callie was my first Florida cat. She's an independent old girl, and she rules the house. Certain chairs are hers and heaven help you if you try to differ with her. She's my sleep companion and dares anyone to try and take her place next to me at night. She's brought me many years of joy and I hope I get lots more.

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    Calico Cat Abby

    Calico Cat Abby
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Abby. Photo Credit: © Sue Todd

    This is Abby, short for Abacab. She's a dilute calico of uncertain parentage, my first-ever cat, and the love of my life. She, along with her two brothers and two sisters, was abandoned in the parking lot of my workplace in August 2005, at the age of 4 weeks. One of my co-workers came in from a lunchtime walk and said another co-worker's car had "had kittens"; coincidentally, the five kittens all were huddled under the car of one of the biggest animal lovers in the building.

    The...MORE car's owner grabbed a large box and ran out to the parking lot, where he eventually captured all five kittens (Abby ran right to him when he called them). He adopted Abby, another co-worker adopted her sisters, and yet another co-worker fostered the two boys for almost a month until a forever home was found for them.

    Fortunately for me, Abby didn't get along with my co-worker's dog and an older cat, so she came with me when I moved to a cat-friendly apartment building. She is unusually energetic, very loving toward me (she seems to be firmly convinced that I am a very tall and usefully-talented mother cat), friendly - but particular about her friends - and so smart, it's almost spooky.

    For example, when I visited her at my co-worker's house, I gave her little bits of greens from my salad, using a subscription card from the magazine I was reading for a plate. After eating the greens, she didn't seem to want a bit of cucumber right away, so I dropped it in her food bowl for later. When I returned to the room after about five minutes, she had gone to the nightstand, pulled a subscription card from one of the magazines sitting there, dragged it over to her food bowl and transferred the cucumber from her food bowl to the card, and was calmly nibbling away.

    Abby wakes me up just before my alarm goes off, shakes the shower curtain when I've been in there too long, and turns off the TV via either the remote or the switch on the power strip if she doesn't like what I'm watching. She currently is learning to operate the intercom and buzz visitors in the front door of the building.

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    Calico Cat Phantom

    Calico Cat Phantom
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Phantom. Photo Credit: © Jeri McLarty Perez

    Phantom is a very vocal and affectionate kitty who loves to be petted and brushed. She does not like to be picked up or held in one's lap but prefers to curl up right next to her mommy. After reaching 15.5 lbs, she has been put on a diet and has lost about one pound so far. She likes to play occasionally, but her brother, Domino, always has to run over and interrupt.

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    Calico Cat Mae

    Calico Cat Mae
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Mae. Photo Credit: © Marjorie Van Tassel

    Mae and Wilks are 2 years old, brother and sister. Wilks is very affectionate, climbs up on the sofa when my son or I am watching TV, you can pick him up (he acts like a rag doll sometimes) and loves to play with interactive toys like DaBird. Mae does not like to be picked up and does not climb up on the sofa, but at night she climbs up on my bed and sleeps on top of me or beside me, and gives head butts for attention, stays by my side most of the time I'm home, and plays with things like...MORE plastic rings from milk cartons, string, etc.

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    Calico Cat Misti

    Calico Cat Misti
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Misti. Photo Credit: © Leslie Ciesielski

    This is my cat Misti. I got her in January of 2005 from a lady from my church a year-and-a-half after I lost my other cat to cancer. Misti is a little over a year in this picture. She is a dark calico with thumbs on both of her front paws. She loves to drink water right from the faucet and enjoys sleeping on my mom's head whenever she gets a chance. We have enjoyed having her around the house. She is spunky and loves to play, but when she is sleepy she loves to cuddle in your lap.

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    Calico Cat Nancy

    Calico Cat Nancy
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Nancy. Photo Credit: © Patricia Cisneros-Rodriguez

    My cat's name is Nancy. She is a stray that my husband found when we were dating. She loves to play with anything as long as it has a bell. She also loves to travel with us. We live six hours from my parents, so when we visit we always drive so that Nancy can come with us. She eagerly climbs into her carrier and lets us know she's ready with a meow. She sleeps most of the trip.

    She sleeps with us every night and she lets us know when she is ready for bed by sitting in the doorway and...MORE continually cries until at least I crawl into bed. She loves to snuggle up between our legs or under the covers sharing "her" pillow.

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    Calico Cat Patches

    Calico Cat Patches
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Patches. Photo Credit: © RosaLee

    Miss Patches is a rescued Kitty who came to live on Cattail Rd with 8 more rescued kittys. She loves containers: a file for papers-- a picnic basket. She is very vocal and loves to come find you when she wants a treat.

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    Calico Cat Abigail

    Calico Cat Abigail
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Abigail. Photo Credit: © MARYLEE DEFORD

    I adopted Abbie from a rescue group when she was 9 months old. She was found a couple of months before in a city park-starved and wth a litter of kittens. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. It didn't take long for her to settle in with my 7-year-old Siamese, they are now best friends. Abbie has come a long way in getting over her fear of people and her habit of overeating, probably a result of being starved. She's a wonderful addition to my family.

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    Calico Cat Gracie

    Calico Cat Gracie
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Gracie. Photo Credit: © Albert Syeles

    Gracie is definitely a calico, but her color is mostly an elegant black. When we adopted her, the shelter had named her Velvet, because her fur is also as soft as mink. If you call her "Pretty Girl", she looks back at you as if to say "Yes I know it. I can't help it." Here she is, being cute and adorable in one of her favorite spots on the kitchen shelf. She's friendly and curious with just about everybody, but she's clearly "Daddy's Girl." She'll sit...MORE on my lap for hours, and she frequently needs to be cuddled in my arms - especially when I'm at the computer, trying to work.

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    Calico Cat YumYum

    Calico Cat Yum Yum
    Cats Photo Calendar for July Calico Cat Yum Yum. Photo Credit: © Judith Paul

    This is YumYum. She is three years old and a graduate of the Conway Area Humane Society. She shares her life with a dog and seven other felines. She is sitting on the front porch with a maple in full New England fall color behind her. YumYum is a feisty little calico; she's very loving but don't try to pick her up - she'll come to you when she's ready for love!