17 Calming Color Ideas For Around Your Home

Most of us are looking for ways to make our living spaces feel a bit more restful. The process of making your home feel more calm truly starts with paint. We've rounded up 17 calming paint colors that will help you feel a little more zen at home day in and day out. And the good news is that whether you're drawn to color or prefer neutrals, there should be a color (or several!) that strikes your fancy. Read on to check out some of our fave peaceful rooms, which range from main living areas to bedrooms to bathrooms. Then pick the hue that speaks to you the most, grab a paintbrush, and you're well on your way to reducing stress at home. What could be better?

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    Farrow & Ball Parma Gray

    Interior painted a similar color to Parma Gray

    Victoria Bell

    A soft gray blue like the hue Victoria Bell used in this living space is a happy medium for those who are looking beyond neutrals but don't want to go too bold. The color pairs wonderfully with the gray, white, and black furniture pieces used throughout the room.

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    Benjamin Moore Antique Jade

    Interior using paint similar to Antique Jade by Benjamin Moore

    Alisa Bovino

    A soft jade like the color Alisa Bovino used in her primary bedroom is ideal for a sleep space—it's calming, invokes touches of nature, and is complemented by whites, blues, and green. By selecting drapery in a corresponding shade, Bovino created an ultra-cohesive setup. And of course, her bowwood headboard and bedding just shines.

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    Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink

    Interior using a color similar to Farrow & Ball Middleton Pink

    Jessica Buckley

    Bathrooms should be peaceful yet have a touch of glamour, and this one by Jessica Buckley perfectly combines both of these characteristics. Whether opting for one shade of light pink or going for a fun, color-blocked design as seen above, the hue is always a charming choice. By no means do other room accessories have to be pink in order to look stylish; here, striped towels add more color and dimension.

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    Glidden Moth Gray

    Interior using a color similar to Glidden Moth Gray

    Bespoke Only

    Those who are hesitant to commit to a crisp white may prefer a more subdued beige, which is by no means blah when styled accordingly. The hue shines in this living room by Bespoke Only and pairs beautifully with the organic textures and details used in the space. Go ahead and bring the outside in.

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    Farrow & Ball Pink Drab

    Interior using a color similar to Pink Drab

    Studio Peake

    A dusty pink shade isn't just for nurseries or little girls' bedrooms, we promise. Clearly, it can look delightful in the primary bedroom as well. Studio Peake added contrast in the form of a soft blue headboard and plenty of vibrant textiles. And better yet, the color makes gold framed artwork really stand out.

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    Benjamin Moore Winter Ice

    Interior using a similar color to Winter Ice

    Heather Scott Home

    Similarly, soft blue is also fair game in adult-only spaces. Heather Scott Home opted for this subdued hue then went bold with patterned dining chairs and cheerful accents. Flowery designs are always a winner.

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    Behr Astronomical

    Interior using a similar color to Behr Astronomical

    Reena Sotropa

    Calming colors don't just have to be light and airy hues; here, dark gray shines in this living room by Reena Sotropa. Dark gray, so deep that it's almost black, adds an instant cozy factor to any space and pairs nicely with wood tones and brass alike.

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    Benjamin Moore Light Quartz

    Interior using a similar color to Pink Quartz by Benjamin Moore

    Michelle Berwick

    Soft pink also makes for a lovely accent wall shade—and it's welcome in any room of the house. Michelle Berwick used it in a living room, where the hue allows white shelving to pop.

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    Behr Double Click

    Interior Using a similar color to Behr's Double Click

    Photo by Raquel Langworthy / Design by Britt Design Studio

    Thee is nothing boring about a light gray when done right. The color, in this living room by Britt Design Studio, helps draw attention to the stunning velvet blue sofa and patterned artwork while preventing the space from being too visually overwhelming.

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    Farrow & Ball Churlish Green

    Interior using a similar color to Farrow & Ball Churlish Green

    Home and Spirit

    Moss green is a winner whether one prefers traditional style, leans boho, or is somewhere in the middle. It makes a statement in this room by House and Spirit and helps to section off the office nook from the rest of this living space.

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    Sherwin Williams Totally Tan

    Interior painted a similar color to Totally Tan

    Photo by Lance Gerber / Design by Michelle Boudreau

    Sandy shades instantly transport us to warm environments and are excellent for boho style or mid-century modern homes in particular. This welcoming living room by Michelle Boudreau is filled with on-trend furnishings and geometric goodness.

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    PPG Ginger Beer

    Interior painted a similar color to Ginger Beer

    Afro Bohemian Living

    When used in small doses, bright colors such as friendly apricot can add a calming, familiar touch to any space. The key is just to keep furniture and decor on the neutral side, as we see in this room by Afro Bohemian Living.

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    PPG Misty Aqua

    Interior painted a similar color to Misty Aqua

    Louis Duncan-He

    We're feeling blue! Light aqua shines in this cool bedroom by Louis Duncan-He. The wall makes such a statement on its own that a headboard isn't even necessary in the space. Low profile furniture allows the wall's geometric design to be the room's main highlight.

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    Behr Pale Cornflower

    Interior painted a similar color to Behr Pale Cornflower

    Photo by Constance Mariena / Design by Kerra Michele Huerta

    This mod space by Kerra Michele Huerta incorporates a beautiful shade of blue that really stands out when paired with a contemporary fireplace and tons of stunning textiles. Huerta ties the space together with an oversized abstract art piece that features many of the colors she uses in this cozy seating area.

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    Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

    Interior painted Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

    Juniper Home

    There's nothing wrong with a simple white or off-white hue like Juniper Home used in this entryway. White is a classic for a reason! And it's easy to add interest by working in color in the form of florals, wall decor, and of course, wooden pieces.

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    PPG Autumn Glow

    Interior painted a similar color to Autumn Glow

    LeeAnn Baker Interiors

    If you love yellow, say goodbye to anything neon and opt for marigold instead. While traditionally a fall color, it's gorgeous all year round; don't let seasonality stop you. The hue will brighten up any space in no time, as seen in this living room by LeeAnn Baker Interiors.

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    Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock

    Interior painted a similar color to Blue Peacock

    Kate Marker

    Emerald green transports us to cozy English country libraries, and Kate Marker has brought this storied look to life in the space above. Paired with a muted Turkish rug, the deep teal is nice and chic, even in big city homes.