Camping Toys for Kids

Toys That Double as an Emergency Back-up

Many families enjoy outside activities that include day hikes, picnics, camping trips and geocaching. In addition to water toys and other fun outdoor toys, consider these camping toys for kids. While they might look like toys, they are useful, affordable, fully-functioning camping and hiking supplies. Many of these camping toys could serve as a great back-up in the case of an emergency. Some also include batteries, which might be handy in the field. You will not need to worry about kids being...MORE careless with real, expensive equipment and kids will love being in control of their own camping supplies that include, lanterns, telescopes, and microscopes. For kids who enjoy Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) play, these toys will allow kids to collect specimens and learn a lot of great information about nature and the world around them.

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    Nancy B.'s Science Club MoonScope
    Educational Insights

    This fully functioning telescope arrives allows children to actually view the moon, planets and stars. The telescope is able to magnify from 18x to 90x, and it includes a tripod and an activity kit.

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    Uncle Milton

    These shoe lights attach to either velcro sneakers or laces. They can provide additional light when walking at night or at dusk. 

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    Starry Night Lantern
    Uncle Milton

    This lantern can be used Indoors within a bedroom or a tent, and while it will illuminate the room, it will also project stars onto the ceiling. 

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    4-in-1 Explorer Navigation Tool
    Uncle Milton

    If you are headed out onto a camping trip, not only can kids experiment with the tools, this 4-in-1 toy includes a working compass, thermometer, signal mirror, whistle and carabiner, which could be very helpful in case of an emergency.

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    Primary Science Metal Detector
    Learning Resources

    Do not forget to bring this real, working metal detector on vacation. You could strike it rich, or use it to find any lost metal items.

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    Expedition Trekking Pack
    Uncle Milton

    It is always great that children want to bring along their gear, but not at the expense of having to carry it in your bag. This Trek Pack is small enough for kids to carry on their own and it will allow children to store and contain their toys while on vacation.  

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    Pretend and Play Camp Set
    Learning Resources

    For children at home who enjoy play kitchens, this play set includes 9 pieces such as a first aid kit, shovel, pan, lantern and utensil set, so kids can play out their favorite camping scenes and imitate their parents while at home or on vacation. 

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    Geosafari Wearable Glasses
    Educational Insights

    Children might look like they are wearing glasses, but these wearable adventures include removable tweezers, a whistle, 6x magnifying lens, 2 color filters and a collection vial. 

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    Educational Insights Wearable Watch
    Educational Insights / Amazon

    For children who might not like to wear glasses, there is also a wearable wrist band. The wrist band has tools such as a hinged dome to collect specimens, an LED light, removable magnifier, compass, and a ruler. If you forget batteries for any other gear, the wrist band also includes a CR1220 battery.


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    Educational Insights Adventure Pens
    Educational Insights / Amazon

    This set of 3 pocket-sized pens that will help children take specimens on land, with light and in the water. 

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    Dragon Fire Night Rocket
    Uncle Milton / Amazon

    This beaming red light-up rocket can fly up to 50 feet. While kids might enjoy playing with this night rocket, it can also double as a flare in case of an emergency.

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    Geosafari Seascope
    Educational Insights

    Want to look at specimens in streams, ponds or oceans? If the water is cloudy or murkey, attach a flashlight to help kids see in dark underwater conditions. The Seascope gives kids a chance to look at soil, fish, and anything they want, under water. The toy includes a built-in ruler and thermometer.


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    Screaming Sky Weasel

    Uncle Milton Sky Weasel
    Uncle Milton / Amazon

    Need to get someone's attention with lights and sounds? These UV light balloons are "charged" then launched into the sky. Make sure to take any unused balloons with you when leaving, balloons can be harmful to children and animals.

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    Night Hawk UV Glasses
    Uncle Milton

    If you are venturing out at night on a hiking path with the kids or from a safe location practicing stealth mode watching wildlife in the area, night vision goggles could come in handy.

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    Educational Insights Kid Noculars

    These binoculars magnify leaves, insects and outdoor items. Children can place the binoculars up to their eyes without ever having to maneuver any knobs to magnify the items.

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    Primary Science Viewscope
    Learning Resources

    This detachable microscope utilizes a focus knob to magnify up to 20x.  Given the small size, it is perfect for travel. Kids can use it to explore bugs, leaves, flowers, fish, and anything they come across in their travels.


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    Geosafari Splash and Catch
    Educational Insights / Amazon

    This net includes a removable magnification bottle, and is great for collecting specimens in water. If you enjoy fishing on your trips and happen to forget your net, this might even hold a small fish.