Can Feng Shui Decor Influence Your Sex Life?

bedroom feng shui

Question: Can a painting and a chandelier above my bed create bad feng shui and negatively influence my sex life?

Answer: Very good question! First, it is important to understand that every little thing in your bedroom affects your love life. I know that might sound strange but in feng shui we know that everything is energy, so the things you surround yourself with have the ability to influence your personal energy on many levels.

A well designed bedroom for good sexual life does not necessarily mean a bedroom with very beautiful, eye candy decor. There are many exquisitely designed bedrooms that can actually weaken one's sexual energy flow. From the poor placement of bedroom furniture to the choice of bedroom art, from a beam above the bed to bad feng shui bedroom colors - there are many elements that can "sabotage" a good flow of sexual energy.

Every little detail brings its own voice to your bedroom, so it helps to be aware of the overall "conversation tone" in your bedroom.

You need beautiful, vibrant and harmonious energy in your bedroom in order to promote a good flow of sexual energy.  That is, if you want it to keep flowing and not get blocked over time! 

A bedroom that promotes a healthy and vibrant sexual life will have a nourishing, fresh and sensual energy, it's that simple!

Ok, now let me answer your question directly.  I have not forgotten about it, I just needed to emphasize the importance of good feng shui of all your bedroom details, not just the painting and the chandelier.

Let's start with the chandelier above the bed. Do you like sleeping with a chandelier above you? How does it feel to you?

Of course, it depends on where exactly your chandelier is located - a chandelier right above your head or close to it will be much worse feng shui that a chandelier closer to the end of the bed.

In general, any light fixture placed directly above the bed, is not good feng shui.  Please note that this rule applies only to a chandelier placed above the bed, and not to a chandelier anywhere else in the bedroom.

This also applies to a ceiling fan above the bed, as well as a beam above the bed.

Now let's look at your question about the painting. Generally, having art - especially big size, beautiful art  - in the bedroom can be excellent feng shui.

There are only two concerns with the painting above the bed.

1. If the art carries negative or inappropriate energy for a bedroom such as lonely, aggressive, or sad images (or very dark colors), then it obviously is bad feng shui and can negatively influence your sex life.

2. If the painting above your bed is a heavy piece of art, or it is displayed in a heavy frame, then it might create a sense of feeling unsafe, which cannot possibly help your sex life either!

So, it is all quite logical with not much feng shui mystery to it. On the most basic, fundamental level feng shui is just common sense.

If you learn to trust your inner responses when you choose the decor elements for your bedroom and always ask for your body's feedback, you will always tend to create good energy. 

Ultimately, your bedroom is the only space where your body can fully replenish and recharge from daily stress, as well as open up to a deep level of intimacy with another human being. 

It can help tremendously to know the basics of good feng shui in the bedroom so that you can have a good, solid foundation from which to create a sensual and healthy bedroom.