Can Feng Shui Rekindle Old Love?

couple kissing
Michael Blann/Getty Images

Many of us have experienced beautiful love relationships that, for one reason or the other, did not work out the way we hoped for. Can feng shui help? Yes–feng shui can always help attract the energy of love into your life. Feng shui, however, is not "person-specific."

Energy of Love

For the energy of love to find its way to you, you have to be completely open to love, while focusing on a specific person who restricts the flow of love energy. Why? It steps into the personal energy boundaries of another person.

Your old flame might be in the same emotional space as you are or they might have chosen a different experience–their own path. Being true to your own path, though, means you are clear with where your energy goes. Therefore you should you open your heart to them (if this is possible) and clear out the "energy residue" between the two of you.

Even if this relationship cannot be rekindled, it is an act of blessing to reveal the love that is still there; then, by being released, the love's energy will find the right course for your own highest good. If the strong love bonds are still flowing in both directions, though, you might be in for a great and beautiful surprise!

Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Feng shui-wise, you should focus on strengthening your own energy and opening your space for a strong flow of the energy of love. Creating good feng shui in your bedroom is always an excellent start.

Having a strong personal energy field will help you stay in the present moment and heal your heart, and sometimes the healing includes grieving and letting go.
Only a healed and open heart can keep love, no matter new or old, and feng shui wisdom is always there to help create a space to nourish the energy of love.