Can Feng Shui Help Improve Your Life?

woman staring out at the sea from inside

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Let's forget for a moment everything about kua numbers, best feng shui directions, etc, etc. Why do you think your life is a total disaster? What makes it so?

Making a List

It might be a good idea to spend some time making a list and really clarifying the issues at hand to the best of your abilities. Take your time with it, but also make an "alternative" column, which will list what makes your life a total blessing, too, as one cannot be without the other!
After you have a better/clearer picture as to which areas of your life are working and which ones are crying for attention, look around and see what is happening in your space on a very basic level. Better yet, ask a good friend to give you honest feedback on what is happening in your space, especially in your bedroom.

You will need a real friend to do this with, as the more honest the feedback, the more helpful it is. Be ready to take in as much criticism as possible (from a loving person, of course).

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is happening close to your main door/ how much Chi, or universal energy does your space inhale?
  2. What is happening right after you enter your home - how is the Chi distributed throughout your space, starting at your main entrance?
  3. What is the state of your kitchen and your bathroom, do you feel happy in these two spaces? The kitchen is all about nourishing and the ability to sustain yourself and the bathroom is about learning to take care of yourself and the ability to let go, both essential for your well-being on all levels.

After you have done a thorough "scanning" of your space - the messages your items are carrying in terms of colors/emotions/their state of being, the possible cluttered spots, etc - and adjusting them properly, you can move on to a bit more advanced levels of feng shui.

In the Western culture, we tend to over-intellectualize and not see things that are right in front of us screaming for attention. Take your time with actually seeing and connecting to your home, see where it feels sad or imbalanced, where it needs more loving attention.


  • You have to start clean before applying the more advanced levels feng shui, or they will most probably not work for you.
  • No matter which Kua number you are, you have to have all areas strong in order to have a balanced flow of energy in your space, i.e. good feng shui.
  • Define the bagua to your space and see which areas are out of balance/undernourished or overpowering in terms of the interaction of the ​five feng shui elements.
  • Only after all these steps are followed, you will look deeper into adjusting your space according to your own best directions. In your case, this would be following the best directions for the Kua number 2; as well as adjusting your space according to the annual movement of energies, the so-called flying stars in feng shui.