How Can I Protect Myself? Can Feng Shui Help?

lucky bamboo
The lucky bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures. In traditional feng shui, the lucky bamboo is used to attract health, happiness, love and abundance. The feng shui lucky bamboo is widely used in both home and office feng shui decor solutions. ML Harris / Getty Images

Question: I feel like there is a lot of bad energy around me all the time and I need to protect myself. How can I use feng shui to help me with protection? 

Answer: Yes, feng shui has many protection cures for one's home, as well as various charms for one to wear in order to protect his or her personal energy. There are two important points to clarify, though, before we delve into the exploration of feng shui protection cures.

1. What do you need protection from? It is always best to start by defining what you (and/or your house) need protection from. Being specific leads to good results, while being too vague or making a general statement rarely helps accomplish one's goals.

2. How long do you need this protection for? This question might be a bit trickier to answer, but making an effort to be clear with the answer will help you tremendously. Otherwise, you can just easily succumb to fear and illusions, which will definitely weaken your energy and work against you.

So, for example, everything in nature needs protection for a while, be it a baby, a young tree or a lion cub. There is clarity that this protection is present until the it grows up and have the strength and the knowledge to protect itself.

There is also clarity as to what this protection is against, meaning the threats are more or less known.

The reason I am giving this seemingly silly comparison is because more often than not, what people use as feng shui protection only serves to make the fear stronger. It implies that you are weak and under attack, thus need protection. Is this true, though?

So, my first answer to your question is to focus on strengthening your own energy field, and this can be done in many ways we all know about -- good sleep, exercise, good food, good thoughts, balanced and positive emotions, etc.

The same applies to your home. Create a good feng shui foundation in your home by clearing out clutter, take care of all basics such as quality of light & air, explore your home bagua, etc.

What this does is it strengthens the energy from the inside, building the power reservoir, so to speak. At the same time, you can also start using a discerning eye to see what potentially challenging energies surround you or your home.

If you can develop the habit of being alert to your surroundings and quickly scanning the environment (both inner and outer) for potential challenges to your well-being, you will have a very helpful tool indeed.

Once you are in a place where your main focus is on strengthening the energy from the inside -- be it inside your body/mind or inside your house -- then you can successfully apply feng shui protection cures. You can use them for a specific period of time and, with many of them, you will need to either cleanse and refresh their energy or let them go and create a new cure.

If you do not cleanse your protection cures, most of them will absorb too much negativity and can start projecting it into space. Be mindful of that and keep your protection cures fresh and powerful.

Here is a list of several effective feng shui protection cures, both for you and for your home.

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