Can Feng Shui Make Your Lucky?

In feng shui, your good luck has 3 levels

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Feng shui seems to have as many enthusiasts and followers as it does have those who are very skeptical about it. Arguing about why feng shui helps some people and not others is similar to arguing why some people get healed faster than others, or why some people do not get healed at all. There are many levels that are taken into consideration during the feng shui analysis, and from a feng shui viewpoint, there are no identical houses, just like there are no two identical humans.

Houses with the same floor plans will have different feng shui because of their specific location, earth energy, light patterns, etc. We know that even identical twins often have different characters and emotional traits, so this might help understand the infinite number of combinations between humans and the feng shui of the spaces they inhabit.  

Some people will apply the feng shui guidelines and will see almost immediate results, while others might still wait for their luck to be improved with feng shui.

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How big is the power of feng shui to change your luck? And how long do you have to wait to see the expected results? Here is what feng shui wisdom says about changing human luck.

According to ancient feng shui masters, there are 3 types of luck - Tien, Ti, and Ren.

Tien is Heaven Luck, and it is a level that no one can change for you. You simply cannot change the time and place of your birth, the family you were born into or your early life circumstances.

Ti is the Earth Luck, and this is the level where feng shui can help strengthen your luck and attract auspicious energies into your life. By using feng shui to work with your immediate environment, you can considerably change your luck for the better and prevent bad luck.

Ren is the Mankind Luck, it is the luck you create with your own efforts by learning, meeting the right people, exploring the world and trying to improve your life by growing as a human being.

It is the luck you create by good work, strong focus and smart decisions.

Feng shui is neither religion nor superstition. It is an ancient body of knowledge that has survived thousands of years and carries a wealth of wisdom for those who are ready to apply feng shui to better their lives.

The best approach is the practical one, the one where you are open to understanding the meaning of unknown feng shui cures, and at the same time question everything that does not feel right to you.

Choose a good luck cure by its meaning and energy, and be sure to experiment and play with your choices. A fresh, easy and playful approach is bound to attract good luck!

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