How To Feng Shui Your Car

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Question: I have heard from a friend about feng shui-ping a car and laughed. But then I thought maybe feng shui can work in the car, too! I know feng shui works in a home. Can I really feng shui my car and how do I do that?

Answer: You can sure apply feng shui to improve the energy in your car. No matter how it sounds - funny or not - feng shui is all about creating good energy, so any space that you spend time in can be feng shui-ed.

Of course, you can only feng shui your own space!

If you spend quite a bit of time driving, then applying good feng shui in your car will be a priority. The basics of car feng shui are the same as the basics of home feng shui.

Let's go through them one by one as they apply to your car.

Clutter Clear and Clean

Keeping your car free of clutter will keep your own energy uncluttered, so to speak. Be sure to regularly clean the salon, as well as the trunk space. The fact that the clutter might be invisible does not mean that it does not influence you. Be sure to keep your car clean and clutter free and your good car feng shui is almost guaranteed.

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Clean, Fresh Air

The air in the car salon - and especially in a new car salon! - can have an overwhelming amount of chemical pollutants. If you drive for just a bit, this should not be a problem, but if you drive for extended periods of time, be sure to keep the air fresh and clean.

If weather permits, open the windows often; if not, use a simple car aromatherapy diffuser - you will love it! You can choose different essential oils for different moods; peppermint and lemongrass will be highly energizing and help keep clear focus, while lavender or sweet orange will be soothing and calming.

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Feel-Good Feng Shui Energy Enhancers

This includes anything from favorite colors and items to rock crystals and images. Please note good feng shui does not mean hanging all you own on you car rear view mirror, as you might have seen in some cars. It is actually bad feng shui as it distracts your attention and focuses on driving.

Feng shui always works best when applied in a subtle way, so you can have, for example, hematite or several clear quartz rock crystals in your glove department instead of hanging a lead crystal on the front mirror. Of course, having the music you like easily available is another feel good, instant energy-shift feng shui tool.

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Best Colors for Your Car

As far as which car colors are best feng shui for you, I think it is best to be guided by your feelings. Meaning, if you love color white, then a white color car is good feng shui for you! You can also define your best colors by finding out your birth element and choosing appropriate for you element colors.

One last word on cars and feng shui. When parking the car, it is always best to park it facing away from home. The explanation for this is easy: a car facing you/your home can create a slightly attacking quality of energy (Sha Chi) which is certainly best to avoid.

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Good luck feng shui-ping your car!

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