Can You Actually Cook with The World's Hottest Chili?

Cooking With The Carolina Reaper

Cooking With The Carolina Reaper
Can You Actually Cook with The World's Hottest Chili?. Eugene Mymrin | Getty Images

As of this month (April 2016) the Carolina Reaper is still the World's hottest chili. The reigning king of peppers is a phenomenon with spicy food fanatics. Some of these people have not only been brave enough to bite into the Reaper, but also love cooking with it. I have compiled a list of some amazing ways in which you too can incorporate the Carolina Reaper into your meals. If you enjoy a good burn (why does it feel so good?), then you'll love these recipes.


  • The Hottest Damn Hot Sauce (I Ever Made) by Mike and Patty Hultquist. You can't have fresh and fiery chile peppers in your kitchen without making homemade hot sauce. This insanely spicy hot sauce recipe not only uses the World's hottest pepper, but also a mix of other "super-hot" peppers. Click here to get the recipe -- if you dare eat it!  
  • Cherry Bomb Chicken Recipe by Sugar Dish Me. As soon as fresh cherries come into season you must make this barbecued chicken meal. In her recipe, Heather perfectly combines and balances the sweet-tart flavours of juicy red cherries with fiery awesomeness of the Carolina Reaper. She adds additional complex tastes of allspice, honey, and molasses to finish the chicken and the sticky glaze. You'll love this recipe, and you can click here to print it out.  
  • Carolina Reaper Jam by A.J. Drew of Peppers by Mail. Next time you reach for the jam jar wouldn't you love if it had some kick to it? In this recipe the Reaper's intense heat is balanced out by sweet red bell peppers and sugar. A.J. also uses cider vinegar to add a tartness to the jam. Click here to print the recipe
  • Slow Cooker Bacon Jam by Chili Pepper Madness. Now that you have the spicy and sweet jam recipe from above, you'll need to also try this spicy, smokey and sweet. But if that is not impressive enough, Michael's recipe will blow your mind with the addition of coffee -- yes, that energising black drink. This jam looks so spectacular that you'll want to eat it right out of the jar. Thankfully Michael gives us a few serving suggestions, like eating it with toast and cheese. Click here to get the recipe. 
  • Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper Hot Sauce Recipe by Firehouse Chili. This recipe is said to be "Worlds Hottest Chili Sauce", and I think it definitely is a contender. Instead of fresh or dried Carolina Reaper pods, this recipe uses dried Reaper flakes. That's not the only heat source in the recipe, Capsaicin crystals -- insane! But what I find even more interesting about this recipe is the inclusions of a fresh apple, brown sugar and cider vinegar. Just the ingredients list makes my mouth water and start to heat up too. Click here to get the recipe.
  • Carolina Reaper Infused Vodka by Chuck From The Bronx. This infused vodka will surely give any and all of your cocktails an insane amount of heat. Chuck infused the vodka for a total of 5 months and during that time he kept the bottle in the refrigerator. Upon opening the bottle the first smell he notices is sweetness followed by the heat from the Reaper. To see how Chuck created this firewater and to watch him taste test it click here. His reaction is painfully funny. 
  • How to Make Carolina Reaper Chili Powder by SpiceMixes. Though I may not be brave enough to scarf down Reapers on a regular (or irregular, for that matter) basis, I would throughly enjoy having this spice mix in my spice cabinet. I could see this mixture easily being sprinkled over some grilled meat or fresh vegetables. Click here to get the recipe
  • Fiery Mango Roasted Hot Pepper Sauce by Smoky Ribs BBQ & Southern Cuisine. I am a huge fan of combine fiery heat of chilies with sweet and fresh seasonal fruits. The beautifully orange coloured hot sauce is one to make during mango season and preserve some bottles to get you through until the next mango season. Click here to watch the recipe video
  • Thai Mac & Cheese with a Touch of Carolina Reaper by Cooking With Keith. There is so much to love about this super creative recipe. The complex flavours and not over the top heat makes this mac 'n cheese recipe an absolute must try. Click her to watch Keith's recipe video.