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Common Name:


Scientific Name:

Serinus canaria


The Canary Islands


Small, at 10-12 cm in length

Average Lifespan:

A well cared for Canary can live for up to 10 years!


Most Canaries are somewhat timid and shy little birds. Unlike larger bird species, they don't usually do well with being handled, although exceptions do exist. Canaries are charming birds nonetheless, and many enjoy watching and interacting with their owners from the comfort of a large flight cage.

These birds can be very territorial, so use caution if keeping more than one per cage -- dominant behavior can be hard to control and can lead to an unfortunate situation for a submissive bird.


While the first color to pop into your head may be yellow, there are many different varieties of Canary in just as many different colors. With selective breeding, many new color mutations pop up every day, such as bronze, white, and red.


The majority of a Canary's diet should consist of high-quality pellets specifically designed for Canaries. This diet should be supplemented daily with fresh sprouts, fruits, and vegetables, including fresh greens.​


Canaries require plenty of exercise and should have a large cage that they can fly around in daily. Also, make sure to provide plenty of safe toys for these little beauties to play with -- they get bored easily!

Canaries as Pets:

While Canaries aren't really "hands on" birds like budgies of cockatiels, they can be the perfect pet for someone who would like a smaller feathered friend for a companion.

Canaries are either bred for color, conformation, or song. Each variety has its obvious strong points, but prospective owners should do research into the species to determine which type is right for their household.

While the Canary's small stature may make them seem like good pets for kids, please be cautioned -- these birds are very fragile and easily frightened, and may not do well in a home with very young children.

If you decide that a Canary is the right bird for you, make sure to buy the largest cage possible for your pet. Canaries must be allowed to fly to maintain their health and happiness, and large flight cage provides the space and security that they need. Never clip a Canary's wings!