Candace Nelson, Licensed Nutritionist

Candace Nelson
Candace Nelson

Candace Nelson writes news and home health content for The Spruce. She explores how a happy, healthy home supports a happy, healthy life.


  • Licensed nutritionist in Washington state

  • Health and wellness journalist with more than a decade of experience

  • Teaches writing with confidence workshops


Candace writes news and home health content for The Spruce. She believes the home should provide safety and support our work, passions, and relationships. She loves connecting it all. She has also written for Self, Glamour, Thrillist, and Actively Northwest.

Candace started her career as a reporter at a community newspaper. She moved on to a decade in digital journalism where she mastered the art of headline writing. From there, she took her passion for healthy living to a health insurance company where she made it her mission to help customers understand frustrating and confusing health plans. After giving the healthcare system her best shot, she’s reuniting with her first love: freelance writing.

Along the way, she earned a master’s degree in nutrition and works as a nutrition coach. She is also an advocate for mental health.


Candace has a Master of Science in applied nutrition from the University of New England where she focused on social determinants of health, behavior change, and communicating research. She studied journalism and psychology as an undergrad at Western Washington University.

Expertise: Nutritionist
Education: University of New England, Western Washington University
Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Nutritionist, Health Educator

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