24 Ideas for Putting Candles in a Fireplace

candles in fireplace

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Nonworking fireplaces and mantels are becoming quite popular, and there's no wonder as to why. Installing a mantel is an excellent way to fake character and add architectural flair to any space, and it can really help anchor a room. Mantels are also lots of fun to decorate during the holiday season (and year round, to be honest!).

Many people choose to display candles inside a fake fireplace to replicate the feel of a crackling fire. Feeling so-so about this idea? We're here to help. Truthfully, there are so many clever ways to arrange candles so that they make a gorgeous statement whether or not they're lit. We've rounded up 24 of our favorite setups that show just how many techniques there are when it comes to putting candles in a fireplace. Happy styling!

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    Mix and Match

    candles in fireplace

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    Lanterns, candlesticks, and pillar candles, oh my! A custom arrangement of all sorts of candles looks lovely in this fireplace. Mixing and matching pieces results in a collected vibe and can be a great way to make the most of thrifted finds, which aren't always available in pairs.

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    Stay Neutral

    candles in fireplace

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    This fireplace is perfectly decorated in boho style—bring on the neutrals. Here, a couple of white sculptural candle holders look right at home in the fireplace opening and coordinate nicely with the vase in the mantel's right hand corner.

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    Pick Pink

    candles in fireplace

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    Why not think pink? These taper candles make an eclectic statement when grouped together. For an even more vibrant look, you could display a whole variety of candle colors or even just select two hues to feature. Squiggly candles would also look fabulous here if you're looking for a quirky touch.

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    Vary Heights

    candles in fireplace

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    What's great about candle displays is that candles of various heights always look wonderful clustered together, so there's no need to worry if the candles you have on hand aren't quite uniform. Here, a grouping of various pillar candles adds a cozy touch to this fireplace.

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    Try a Tray

    candles in fireplace

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    A small tray serves as an excellent place to set a cluster of candles. When your fireplace is more modern like this one, you've got to get extra creative!

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    Style Some Stone

    candles in fireplace

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    Using stone or gravel to keep your candle holders in place is a nice way to add an earthy touch to any space, as we see in this Scandinavian style living room.

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    Make a Nest

    candles in fireplace

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    Nestling candles in pinecones also looks super cute and is a nice way to subtly bring the outside in during the fall and winter seasons.

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    Layer It

    candles in fireplace

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    For a layered look, arrange candles in two different rows to more adequately fill up your fireplace. Small stones make an appearance here, too.

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    Opt for Antiques

    candles in fireplace

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    Love to collect vintage candlesticks? Gather all of your findings to create a gorgeous display like this one. It really makes a stunning statement!

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    Reuse and Repurpose

    candles in fireplace

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    A small basket, like the kind traditionally used to store firewood, can make for an excellent home for candles, too. Why not get creative with items you already have around the house?

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    Add Some Texture

    candles in fireplace

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    Candles look right at home in this space that's rooted in black, white, and wood, and add lots of texture to this contemporary room.

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    Drop It Low

    candles in fireplace

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    A combination of different types of candles once again never fails. Keeping candles lower to the ground allows the blue backsplash to really pop.

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    Make It Simple

    candles in fireplace

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    If you're looking to keep the inside of your fireplace relatively empty, just place two tall candles in the corner and sit back and bask in their simple beauty.

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    Think Tiny

    candles in fireplace

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    Even the smallest of fireplaces can still fit a couple of candles inside! Don't let your mantel's petite size stop you from creating an arrangement like this one.

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    Camouflage It

    candles in fireplace

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    A tiered display that pops right into a fireplace is a simple solution when you're just not exactly sure how you'd like to arrange your candles. The black base is camouflaged perfectly and results in a floating effect.

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    Grab a Crate

    candles in fireplace

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    If you're styling a faux mantel that doesn't feature any type of opening, fake one by placing a small crate in front of it and setting candles inside, as we see here. The end result? Rustic chic!

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    Think in Threes

    candles in fireplace

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    If you don't wish to place candles directly inside your fireplace, setting a few in front works wonderfully as well. Grouping items in threes is a styling secret that never fails.

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    Lean a Mirror

    candles in fireplace

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    Placing candles in front of a small mirror will only allow them to illuminate a space even more and creates a vintage inspired display that looks ultra luxe.

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    Get Cozy

    candles in fireplace

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    This cozy, cottage-like setup makes us want to curl up under a blanket with a book and light every candle in sight! There are tons of clever display ideas at play here that all work together to create a fabulous setup.

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    Light a Fire

    candles in fireplace

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    If you have a wood-burning fireplace but still want to include some candles nearby, place a few tall taper candle holders off to the side for a little added flair. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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    Go for a Grouping

    candles in fireplace

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    A grouping of wooden taper candle holders is perfect for a modern farmhouse style home. The more, the merrier.

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    Finish Off a Vignette

    candles in fireplace

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    Even if your fireplace has a very small opening, you can still make room for candles. These manage to fit just perfectly while adding visual interest to the vignette.

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    Get Festive

    candles in fireplace

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    During the holidays, you can jazz up your fireplace candle display even further by placing seasonal decorations nearby. Mini Christmas trees look so charming next to the flameless candles shown here.

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    Line 'Em Up

    candles in fireplace

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    Why not line candles on the mantel in addition to placing them inside the fireplace? Choose one design for the top and one for the bottom as shown here.