18 Dreamy Canopy Beds

canopy bed in modern california bedroom


Your bedroom should be a tranquil place where you can rest, relax, and recharge. But it is hard to do just that if your bedroom is not exactly the coziest spot in your home. A chic canopy bed can make time spent in your bedroom more dreamy. For your inspiration, we gathered up our favorite examples of canopy beds perfect for drifting off to dreamland.

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    Modern Pipe Style Canopy Bed

    simple pipe canopy bed
    Meagan Rae Interiors

    If you think canopy beds are frilly, fabric-covered pieces of furniture suited for young girls, listen up. Most contemporary canopy beds are understated yet sophisticated structures with a gender-neutral vibe. Case in point: this minimalist pipe-style canopy in a primary bedroom designed by Meagan Rae Interiors. Its clean black lines feel distinctively modern. We think its simple, good looks feel more peaceful than a more elaborate canopy.

    About This Term: Primary Bedroom

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    Canopy Bed With Sheer Curtains

    light and airy canopy bed with white curtains
    Blackband Design

    The sheer curtains on this black canopy bed are the finishing touch that makes this primary bedroom by Blackband Design incredibly welcoming. White shiplap walls, natural wood floors, and a creamy floor covering soften the appearance of the striking black bed frame.

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    Victorian-Inspired Twin Canopy Beds

    Gold canopies in children's bedroom
    Megan Rae Interiors

    What we love best about this bedroom created for two tweens by Megan Rae Interiors is its subtle feminine appeal that does not feel too juvenile or girly. The two brush brass canopy beds, which are a modern take on Victorian style, both hit the right note. Further elevating the space are two striking Sputnik-inspired light fixtures also in brass. They look as if they could be jewelry for the bedroom.

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    A Canopy That Doubles as a Play Space

    canopy bunk beds
    Flo Design Studio

    Flo Design Studio used braided cords to create a colorful canopy above this custom bunk bed set. Now the top bunk can double as a little playhouse. It's a great way for small home and apartment dwellers to utilize space and give play space to a child without using precious bedroom space or a room in another part of the home. 

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    Understated and Refined Canopy Bed

    Pipe canopy bed in chic NYC apartment
    Chango & Company

    This bedroom by Chango & Company features a chic iron canopy bed that suits the room's masculine vibe. While you could add curtains to a canopy like this one, leaving them off will allow light to filter evenly throughout the space.

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    Coastal-Inspired Bedroom With a Curtained Canopy

    canopy bed with curtains
    Blackband Design

    Create the coastal-inspired bedroom of your dreams with these ideas by Blackband Design. Here the design team added patterned, blue curtains to a black canopy bed. It draws the eyes upward to the open and airy ceiling. The rest of the room incorporates mostly natural woods (note the nightstand) and neutral tones of soothing beige, white, and tan. Underfoot is a natural seagrass rug that enhances the room's seaside appeal.

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    Go for an Eye-Catching Canopy Bed

    green canopy bed
    Hudson Interior Designs

    Enliven a small bedroom with a bold green canopy bed as shown in this modestly sized space by Hudson Interior Designs. The pop of bright color harmonizes with the light pink ceiling. It's a perfect, unexpected way to add a pop of color to a bedroom.

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    Natural Wood Canopy for a Soothing Primary Bedroom

    natural wood canopy bed
    Caitlin Moran Interiors

    This lovely, natural wood canopy bed with a white fabric topper certainly casts a relaxing spell on this romantic bedroom by Caitlin Moran Interiors. Making things even more inviting is the plush white bedding. Covering the walls is grasscloth wallpaper in a soft and restful shade of gray, which boosts the room's serene, yet regal appeal.

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    Attic Bedroom With a Black Canopy Bed

    black canopy bed with cage pendant light
    Establish Design

    The canopy bed is the crowning jewel in this small attic bedroom by interior design firm, Establish Design. Note how the canopy is perfectly lined up to the ceiling. Illuminating things while drawing the eye upward is a modern brass pendant cage light. Throwing focus to the bed is the small sitting area in front anchored by a round ottoman upholstered with studded beige suede. 

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    Earthy Canopy Bed in a Neutral Bedroom

    post modern home with rustic canopy bed
    Chango and Company

    Create a soothing primary bedroom that doubles as a romantic oasis by layering natural colors and earthy textures. In this space by interior design firm Chango & Company, a lovely wood canopy bed with a built-in woven seagrass headboard evokes calming vibes. And here is a handy decorating trick: Use a monochrome palette when choosing furniture to expand the illusion of space in a smaller bedroom.

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    White Carved Canopy Bed With Hoofed Feet

    white carved wood canopy with hooves
    Mas Interior Design

    It is the small decorative touches that can make a canopy bed really standout. For example, this white canopy bed has a little kick—see the hoofed feet. To draw the eyes toward the hooves, Mas Interior Design put the bed on top of an eye-catching Greek key patterned rug. 

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    A Tranquil Bedroom Haven

    white canopy bed with built-in headboard
    Tracy Hardenburg Designs

    In this bedroom by Tracy Hardenburg Designs, behold the soft, tranquil hues that guarantee sweet dreams. The white canopy bed almost appears to be floating thanks to a cloud-like area rug and sky blue walls.

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    French Country-Inspired Primary Bedroom

    french country bedroom with white canopy
    Marie Flanigan Interiors

    Fans of French country decor will swoon over this old-world, rustic-inspired primary bedroom by Marie Flanigan Interiors. The shabby chic canopy bed with crisp white curtains epitomizes stylish provincial living. 

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    Bohemian-Inspired Canopy Bed

    canopy bed in modern california bedroom
    Black Lacquer Design

    When shopping around for a canopy bed, we suggest picking one with stylish personality as shown. The lovely curves on this iron example in a bohemian-inspired bedroom by Black Lacquer Design pairs beautifully with the scalloped wallpaper. When standing directly in front of the bed, the canopy nicely frames the white Juju hat hanging on the wall. 

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    Colorful Contemporary Girls Bedroom

    yellow canopy bed in children's bedroom
    Chango and Company

    With wallpaper reminiscent of confetti, this bedroom by Chango & Company is sweeter than the best of dreams. The yellow canopy bed makes a cheerful statement. The colorful wallpaper brightens the space without feeling overwhelming. But the frosting on the cupcake is the faux fur bench at the foot of the bed. It appears to be floating like a cloud because of its Lucite legs.

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    A Canopy That Resembles a Crown

    Chic tiny canopy in little girl's bedroom
    Giannetti Home

    A teensy wall-mounted canopy fit for a princess caps of this bed in a space created by Giannetti Home. It is a magical touch that's perfect for a young girl's bedroom. The best part is it's not too childish, so the bedroom decor will last her for years to come.

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    A Canopy Bed Fit for a Fairy Tale

    black tree canopy bed
    Alice Lane Home

    Create a bedroom that feels like it popped out of fairy tale with these whimsical ideas from Alice Lane Interior Design. The main attraction in this bedroom is the tree-inspired canopy bed. The walls were painted light blue to resemble the sky. Mismatched end tables enhance the room's eclectic look.

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    Glamorous Mirrored Canopy Bed

    mirrored canopy bed
    Kate Marker Interiors

    Reflect on this mirrored canopy bed in a bedroom by Kate Marker Interiors. The attractive feature adds a big splash of glitz and glam. We also appreciate how it riffs with another reflective item—the mercury glass globe lamp on the nightstand.