Cape Cod Inspired Paint Colors for Your Home

Vacationing on Cape Cod is all about fun and relaxation. The colors and style of Cape Cod reflect the air, sea, and shore, and contribute to the laid-back vibe. If you can't live at the beach full-time, you can take home the colors of your favorite vacation spot, to transform your home into a relaxing retreat. You can completely transform your home with these colors, or use them as playful pops of color, like an accent wall. 

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    Misty Isle MQ3-19 by Behr

    Cape Cod Inspired bedroom.


    Behr's Misty Isle is one of the most endearing aqua paint colors in existence. This soothing yet crisp color evokes beach cruiser bikes and weathered beach signs. Misty Isle is a pretty choice for a kitchen, bedroom, or even a porch ceiling. 

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    Showstopper SW 7588 by Sherwin-Williams

    Square swatch of Showstopper red paint.


    Yes, red is an important part of beach-inspired decorating. Cape Cod and other coastal destinations are rich with red front doors on clapboard cottages, and grand homes. Sherwin-Williams Showstopper is a versatile red with just enough warmth to keep it from looking heavy. A front door is a natural choice for Showstopper, but consider it for a dining room, accent wall, or even a powder room.

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    Tradewind SW 6218 by Sherwin-Wiliams

    Swatch of tradewind blue paint.


    Sherwin-Williams Tradewind is a soft blue with just a hint of gray, like the morning sky over the ocean. The best beach-inspired colors come from nature. The muted quality of Tradewind gives it maximum versatility for a living room, dining room, or home exterior. 

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    Spring Mint 2040-70 by Benjamin Moore

    Swatch of spring mint paint.

    Benjamin Moore

    Do you love ocean-inspired decorating, but not really a fan of blue or aqua? A fresh color like Spring Mint by Benjamin Moore could be just what you're looking for. Spring Mint has more presence than a baby blue but is more organic than aqua or turquoise. Light minty colors like this one work well with white, pink, and even chocolate brown or beige. 

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    Globe Artichoke 1121-7 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints

    Swatch of Globe Artichoke green paint.

    PPG Pittsburgh Paints

    There is a shade of green that evokes summer camp and vintage cabins in the woods. Pittsburgh Paints Globe Artichoke captures that vintage vibe with this spirited green. With just a hint of a yellow undertone, Globe Artichoke feels modern but still retains that fun old school look. 

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    Kilim Beige SW 6106 by Sherwin-Williams

    Swatch of Kilim Beige paint.


    Kilim Beige is an extremely popular neutral color. Reminiscent of beach grass and wet sand, this is a neutral color with presence. The lack of discernible undertone makes Kilim Beige easy to use and match. The warmth of Kilim Beige makes it an excellent choice for wall color, especially with pops of ocean-inspired blue and aqua in the room.

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    Hawthorne Yellow HC-4 by Benjamin Moore

    Swatch of Hawthorne Yellow paint.

    Benjamin Moore

    The perfect yellow is bright, but not too bright. Hawthorne Yellow from Benjamin Moore's Historical Colors Collection is one of the most popular yellow paint colors available now. A warm buttery yellow like Hawthorne Yellow is unexpected, but a gorgeous choice for a front door. 

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    Hathaway Peach HC-53 by Benjamin Moore

    Swatch of Hathaway Peach paint.

    Benjamin Moore

    Peach ice cream, hollyhocks growing in the garden, and Hathaway Peach by Benjamin Moore. Summer at the shore isn't always about blue and white, sometimes it's peach. Benjamin Moore's delicious Hathaway Peach delivers the color of summer's simple pleasures.

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    Onyx 1011-7 PPG by Pittsburgh Paints

    Swatch of Onyx paint.

    PPG Pittsburgh Paints

    Glossy black doors with brass hardware is an iconic look for Cape Cod homes. No beach-inspired color collection is complete without a touch of black. Pittsburgh Paints Onyx is a complex black, with depth and style. Black paint can also be used for painted furniture, railings, and shutters, for a classic accent.