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    Glidden Color of the Year 2016: Cappuccino White

    Kitchen cabinets painted Glidden Cappuccino White

    Glidden announced Cappuccino White as their choice for the 2016 Color of the Year, and the color still persists as a standout hue. Cappuccino White is a creamy off-white paint color that is soothing and easy to decorate with. A warm off-white like Cappuccino White is a natural match for mocha and cappuccino paint colors.

    From Glidden: "A soft white that offers silence and creates a peaceful space away from the hectic landscape of everyday life, Cappuccino White echoes the growing consumer...MORE need for regular escape from the pace of today’s constantly connected world." 

    Glidden: Cappuccino White

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    Try Cappuccino White With an Accent Wall

    Cappuccino White cabinets kitchen with purple walls


    If you love the look of an accent wall but want to keep your room light, a rich off-white like Cappuccino White has just enough color to balance a painted accent wall. All accent walls do not have to be dark or dramatic, and an off-white room is a perfect backdrop for a light accent wall. 

    Creating an accent wall next to a white or off-white paint color minimizes the chance you'll encounter undertone problems. Undertones are the subtle tones lurking beneath your favorite paint color that can...MORE reveal unwanted hints of green or pink when you least expect it. Using a pale neutral for adjacent walls gives you unlimited options for your new accent wall. 


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    Cappuccino White is More Than Just a Pretty Color

    Glidden 2016 Color of the Year

    What Makes Cappuccino White the Color of the Year?

    "The brand drew influences from societal trends in forecasting Cappuccino White as the Color of the Year, according to Glidden paint color expert Misty Yeomans: “As legendary fashion designer Tom Ford said, ‘time and silence are the most luxurious things today.’ In an age of constant interruption and chatter, Cappuccino White offers a soft backdrop that helps defer distractions and creates a calm lightness in the home to encourage a relaxed...MORE mind,”

    “This creamy off-white is the perfect illustration of this concept. It is reflective of the urge to turn off the chaos and move away from the fast-paced world we are accustomed to and instead find softness and peace.” 

    The Do's and Don'ts of Decorating With White

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    Softening the Black and White Color Palette with Cappuccino White

    Glidden Cappuccino White living room


    Decorating in black and white can give your home a crisp style. Black and white color schemes are popular in modern and contemporary decorating because of their sharp contrast. If you love the look of black and white color schemes but want to soften the energy of opposites, a creamy off-white like Glidden Cappuccino White will tone down your palette.

    An off-white and black color scheme is relaxed and soothing, which makes it perfect for your bedroom or bathroom. By choosing off-white paint for...MORE your main color, you have more options for wood and surface colors. Play up the warmth of an off-white and black color scheme with lots of natural materials and warm wood accents. Here are the basics of how to decorate with black and white.

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    Try a Monochromatic Color Scheme With Cappuccino White

    Glidden Cappuccino White Bedroom
    Jo-Ann Richards/First Light/Getty Images


    A monochromatic color scheme can seem intimidating or difficult to create, but they're really simple once you know a few basic tips. A soft white paint color like Cappuccino White is the perfect place to start your monochromatic color scheme. The secret to creating a monochromatic color scheme from a single neutral color is by selecting lighter and darker shades of your main color. That's how simple it is!

    Monochromatic color palettes are meant to be relaxing, and you can achieve that by...MORE keeping your color choices within a comfortable range, (nothing too dark or too light.) Glidden's Cappuccino White is a beautiful alternative to white or beige, and can give you more versatility as you plan your color scheme.

    Here's How to Create a Monochromatic Color Scheme