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    An Introduction to Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

    Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
    Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is one of the biggest names in the rum industry and the brand continues to release new rums to enjoy. Diageo

    Captain Morgan Spiced Rum was first produced in 1944 by the Seagram Company and has since become as legendary as its namesake. Now owned by Diageo, the Captain Morgan name is found on a variety of bottlings, including the occasional limited edition rum.

    Captain Morgan Original leads the portfolio and remains one of the best-selling distilled spirits in the world.

    Who Was the Legendary Captain Morgan

    The spiced rum brand is named after Captain Henry Morgan (1635-1688). The Welsh privateer (a legal...MORE pirate) is famed for his achievements as the English fought the Spanish in the Caribbean throughout the mid-1600's.

    Morgan was known as a fierce invader with huge fleets of ships and an enforcer of brutal and torturous punishments. He helped establish the English colony of Jamaica and served there as Lieutenant Governor.

    He was knighted by the king and died a very wealthy man in Jamaica in 1688. His name is both celebrated the reviled in the history books.

    Captain Morgan Labels

    • Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum - The cornerstone of the portfolio, this is one of the best-selling liquors today, particularly in the United States. Made from a blend of Caribbean rum and flavored with a secret blend of spices and other natural flavors, it is aged in oak barrels. It has a mellow spice and is one of the smoother spiced rums available (if that's even possible).
      • 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof)
      • Retails for around $20/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Black - Caribbean black strap rum made with select spices and natural flavors. Aged in double charred, blackened oak barrels. This is a rich, smooth, and very dark spiced rum.
      • 47.3% alcohol by volume (94.6 proof)
      • Retails for around $25/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan 100 Proof Spiced Rum - A higher-proof version of Original Captain Morgan. It has a more intense flavor, particularly when it comes to the spices.
      • 50% alcohol by volume (100 proof)
      • Retails for around $25/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Private Stock - A blend of select rums deemed to be the brand's best reserves and flavored with mellow spices. This is a great sipping rum and is noticeably smoother than Original Captain Morgan.
      • 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof)
      • Retails for around $29/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Silver Spiced Rum - A light rum version of Original. The vanilla is more pronounced in this one and it is lighter and drier. Great for mixing into cocktails.
      • 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof)
      • Retails for around $15/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan White Rum - The brand has reached beyond spiced rums and now offers a white rum as well as coconut, grapefruit, and pineapple flavored rums.
      • 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof) - Flavored rums are 35% ABV
      • Retail for around $15/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Lime Bite - A silver rum that is flavored with spices and lime. It is "formulated to taste great with beer or lemon-lime soda."
      • 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof)
      • Retails for around $20/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Tattoo - A dark, bolder rum made from aged Puerto Rican rum. The spices are notably hotter and there are hints of fruit.
      • 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof)
      • Retails for around $20/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Cannon Blast - Designed to be taken as a shot (and, really, nothing else), Cannon Blast cannot be missed on the liquor store shelf because it looks like a black cannon ball. It is a sweeter version of Original Captain Morgan, with orange, cinnamon, and cherry candy notes.
      • 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof)
      • Retails for around $16/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Jack-O'Blast - A limited edition, seasonal release that made its debut in the autumn of 2016. It is similar to Cannon Blast in bottle shape and the intention as a party shot, yet it tastes like a spiced pumpkin pie.
      • 30% alcohol by volume  (60 proof)
      • Retails for around $16/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea - A ready-to-drink mix of rum, vodka, whiskey, gin, and triple sec. As you might expect, it is designed to taste like the Long Island Iced Tea (though many drinkers think it falls short of expectations).
      • 17% alcohol by volume (34 proof)
      • Retails for around $20/1.75L bottle
    • Parrot Bay - A line of flavored rums produced by Captain Morgan using Puerto Rican rums. Flavors include coconut, key lime, mango, orange, pineapple, passion fruit, and strawberry.​
      • 21-24% alc/volume (42-48 proof)
      • Retails for around $18/750ml bottle
    • Captain Morgan Sherry Oak Finished - A limited edition release of 2013 that is finished in sherry oak casks. This is a smooth, rich rum that is great for sipping and cocktails.
      • 35% alc/volume (70 proof)
      • Retails for around $20/750ml bottle

    Details About Captain Morgan

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    Captain Morgan Cocktails

    Tony Abou-Ganim's Cable Car - Spiced Rum Cocktail Recipe
    A modern classic, the Cable Car Cocktail is a great spiced rum sour that features Captain Morgan. Robert Benson/Aurora/Getty Images

    There are a variety of ways to enjoy the various Captain Morgan bottlings. It's popular as a straight shot and in a Captain & Coke. It is also the call liquor for Tony Abou-Ganim's Cable Car cocktail.

    You will find that almost every bottle of Captain Morgan is nice for tropical cocktails as well as any spiced rum cocktails. Many Captain Morgan fans use it as their primary rum and will mix it into almost any rum cocktail.

    More Captain Morgan Drink Recipes

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    Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

    Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum
    A deeper, darker version of Captain Morgan, this 'Black' spiced rum is one that almost anyone can enjoy. Diageo

    In April 2012, Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum was released to the U.S. market. This addition to the brand's portfolio is a marriage of rich blackstrap Caribbean rum and a modification of their signature spice blend.

    The result is nothing short of interesting, a rum with more character than you could expect and a surprise around every corner. It may not become your everyday rum of choice, nor is it going to work in every drink. However, it will make a nice addition to the bar on occasion,...MORE especially when you're in the mood for a tropical drink with depth or a dark dessert drink.

    About Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

    Blackstrap rums are not the most common variety available, though they are quite tasty. The majority of blackstraps are rich and luscious, very sweet and as thick as molasses.

    While this profile is rather useful, they often lack anything beyond the sugary drink base. Captain Morgan Black, however, adds a layer that steps this style of rum into another realm.

    Clove and cassia bark are just two of the spices added to the Caribbean blackstrap rum used as the base for Captain Morgan Black. It is also barreled in double charred, blackened oak, which adds even more interesting notes to this bold rum.

    • Caribbean black strap rum with select spices and natural flavors.
    • 47.3% alcohol by volume (94.6 proof )
    • Retails for around $21.99/750ml bottle
    • Released in April 2012

    Tasting Notes & Review

    When I first received the bottle of Captain Morgan Black to review I had to take into account my personal bias against spiced rums. Always with a backup plan, I knew exactly what to do.

    It was time to call up friends who are avid Captain Morgan drinkers. This is their rum of choice for frozen Strawberry Daiquiris, and almost any other rum mixed drink that comes along. Who better to be on a tasting panel than those who know the brand's flagship inside and out?

    Tasting panel assembled, we put Captain Morgan Black to the test and it fared well for the most part. The consensus is that it gets better with water and ice. This is one of those rums whose bouquet opens up with water, just like a fine whiskey. 

    This simple alteration brings out the unique aspects of the thick, dark rum, allowing you to taste the cloves and cassia bark; notes of anise, vanilla, and chocolate also make a wafting appearance. There is also an interesting undertone of whiskey-saturated oak, which likely came from the deeply charred barrels.

    Straight sipping figured out, it was time to test how Captain Morgan Black holds up in the panel's go-to mixed drink, the Gombo. This is an easy mix of spiced rum, orange juice, and Mountain Dew and is a good gauge for how the blackstrap works with citrus.

    Not one Gombo drinker disliked this variation. Though it may not make a regular appearance in the future, it will remain an option. The distinction between Black and the Original Captain Morgan is in the notes of anise that pop out in this drink, and that, along with the sultry vanilla tone, intrigued many on the panel.

    In another thought, this rum can become a whiskey substitute. Browsing the Captain Morgan Black recipes provided, it is apparent that this is a good route to go. Drinks like the Old-fashionedPerfect ManhattanHighball, and Hot Toddy are all viable options if you simply switch the whiskey for this rum.

    Also, we cannot forget one of the more obvious uses, a Dark & Stormy, nor the dessert realm which could include a rum-for-vodka switch in a White Russian. It is a surprisingly versatile liquor if given a shot.

    Originally Published: May 30, 2012

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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    Captain Morgan Jack-O'Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum

    Captain Morgan Jack-O'Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum
    The 2016 Halloween season saw the debut of Captain Morgan's Jack-O'Blast. Perfect for autumn shots, will this pumpkin-flavored spiced rum be a regular offering?. Captain Morgan

    A limited edition bottle of Captain Morgan that combines the popular spiced rum with pumpkin makes its debut in the autumn of 2016. Jack-O'Blast is everything fans of Captain Morgan expect, it simply tastes a bit more like a pumpkin pie.

    With a wide distribution, it will not be difficult to find this bottle, either. It is squat and round (the same bottle as Captain Morgan Cannon Blast) and covered with a bright orange pumpkin label. According to the brand, it should be available in many U.S....MORE liquor stores that stock the famous rum (just in time for Halloween).

    Get a Taste of Jack-O'Blast While You Can

    As you might expect, Jack-O'Blast will be available only through the autumn months. Since 2016 is its inaugural year, it is difficult to predict whether it will make a return appearance in the future.

    Pumpkin is a very seasonal flavor and not every pumpkin-flavored liquor is popular enough to be released every year.

    If you are a fan of Captain Morgan and all things pumpkin, I would strongly suggest getting this one in 2016. We have seen many great pumpkin spirits never return to the market so if you do want to try this one, don't delay.

    Drinking Captain Morgan Jack-O'Blast

    Jack-O'Blast is not a straight up 'just add pumpkin to spiced rum' spirit. The rum maker decided to add more flavorings like cinnamon and 'other autumnal spices' to give it more of a complete pumpkin pie taste.

    It comes off pretty well and with the first sip, you realize that the signature spices of this rum are a natural fit for the pumpkin so many drinkers crave come autumn. It's tasty, plain and simple. That said, it is not for everyone and may not be something you want too much of.

    Jack-O'Blast is billed as a shot-worthy liquor. You should be able to simply pour it into your shot glass and enjoy. However, I would recommend at least giving it a little chill:

    Remember, this is still Captain Morgan and it does have that spiced rum base which can be a bit too much as a straight shot. Chilling or diluting it ever so slightly will help out.

    Jack-O'Blast in Pumpkin Martinis

    For other uses, I would recommend using Jack-O'Blast in cocktail recipes that call for a pumpkin-flavored liqueur. Because it's often hard to find a replacement for these when they go off the market, you need to seize any opportunity you can to revive an old recipe.

    I wouldn't hesitate to add it to RumChata's Pumpkin Pie Martini or replace both the pumpkin liqueur and spiced rum in this Pumpkin Fever recipe.

    Have fun with Jack-O'Blast while it's around. It may or may not make a comeback.

    About Captain Morgan Jack-O'Blast

    • Spiced Caribean rum with "fresh pumpkin, cinnamon, and other autumnal spices."
    • Produced by Captain Morgan Rum
    • Limited edition, seasonal release. Debuted in autumn 2016.
    • 30% alcohol by volume (60 proof)
    • Retails for around $16/750ml bottle.

    Originally Published: October 24, 2016

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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    Captain Morgan Sherry Oak Spiced Rum

    Captain Morgan Sherry Oak Finish Spiced Rum
    Finished in sherry casks, this limited edition of Captain Morgan is a spiced rum you'll really want to taste. Diageo

    Captain Morgan meets sherry oak. That is the foundation of this limited edition bottling of the popular spiced rum that was released in the summer of 2013.

    In this one, Captain Morgan Original is finished in sherry oak casks, adding a nice richness. If you are a Captain Morgan fan, you are really going to enjoy this one. On the other hand, if you're like me and are not the biggest admirer of spiced rum, this one may very well surprise you.

    The Captain Morgan-Sherry Connection

    There is a story...MORE behind this new marriage of Captain Morgan and sherry barrels. The brand sponsored a 2012 expedition to uncover the wreckage of a 17th-century fleet of ships off the Caribbean coast of Panama.

    Reportedly, this was the site of a battle involving Captain Henry Morgan's fleet during which five ships, including the flagship, The Satisfaction, were lost. During the exploration of the site, a number of items were found, including a barrel, which is believed to have been used for sherry.

    The brand went with the theory and seized the opportunity to create this new bottle of Captain Morgan.

    Drinking Captain Morgan Sherry Oak

    I really have to wonder if a little time in sherry is the missing ingredient for all spiced rums. Is it really the one thing that would have sold me on the style years ago? 

    This sherry-aged version is one that I could get used to and would even find myself sipping on the rocks or in a Rum & Coke on a regular basis. Sadly, it is a limited edition and it will only be available until all of the bottles are sold.

    For cocktails, I recommend using this one in any drink that you would use Captain Morgan or any other spiced rum in. It is a welcome upgrade to many drinks and it makes a great Cable Car.

    Also, use it in other rum cocktails that don't specifically call for spiced rum, like a Jean Harlow Cocktail or a Cuban Rose. There's no need to mix this with strong ingredients, simply allow the rum to shine.

    Tasting Notes

    A fragrance of vanilla and oak with hints of cherry, molasses, and raisins greet the nose. The sherry is evident upon first taste, with rich oak, cherry, and vanilla backing it up. The finish is sweeter and smoother than Captain Morgan Original and has a nice, short complex spice to it.

    About Captain Morgan Sherry Finish Spiced Rum

    • Spiced rum produced from a blend of Caribbean rums with a proprietary blend of spices and other natural flavors, then aged and finished in sherry oak casks.
    • Limited Edition
    • Released: Summer 2013
    • 35% alc/volume (70 proof)
    • Retails for around $19.99/750ml bottle

    Originally Published: August 7, 2013

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.