These Food Storage Containers Are Almost Too Pretty to Use

The Caraway Food Storage Set has become my new favorite

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Caraway food storage containers

Photo: Caraway / Image Treatment: The Spruce

There's a certain satisfaction that comes with a super-organized pantry. Though I'd love to say that my cabinets are clean as could be, they haven't been looking too hot lately, and it's mostly due to my crusty food storage containers.

My cabinet was littered with plastic containers that avalanched each time I opened the door. There were mismatched lids skewed everywhere and warped containers abound—I guess I should've used caution before putting them in the dishwasher. I've been on the market for new food storage for a while now, containers that were equally utilitarian as they are beautiful.

Everyone, I'm happy to report that I found them—Caraway's newest addition to their product line, the perfect food storage container set.

Caraway Food Storage Set

Caraway Food Storage Set


When I first laid eyes on these and picked them up for the first time, I was so taken back. I've never felt a container as weighty and stately as this one. And that's when I fell in love. I knew my limp salads were about to start looking a lot better traveling in one of these to work.

Key Features

The set is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, as well as safe for use in the microwave, oven, fridge, and freezer.

A bit of background on the containers: they are the newest launch from Caraway, a brand we know, love, and love to look at. Though they are known for their gorgeous cookware, I love how they are branching out to bring beautiful design to an everyday item like a food container.

The ceramic-coated containers come in 6 of the brand's usual shades, and the set includes five sizes, each perfect for storing a specific type of leftover. The largest one could handle a small pasta bake, and the smallest containers are perfect for dips and sauces. No more spilled dressing or loose ranch—they will all sit tightly in their tiny containers, which by the way, all fit snugly in one larger storage container. So smart.

Another amazing addition that comes with all Caraway sets is the organizers. I can kiss my messy storage container cabinet goodbye, as the organizers are meant to corral the clutter and hold each of these containers perfectly. This ensures they are stored properly, not simply thrown to the back of the cabinet never to be seen again.

Organized Caraway containers in cabinet

Courtesy of Caraway

The only downside to these containers: they are pricey, not unlike Caraway's other product offerings. Though there are other food containers to try at a cheaper price, these could be an amazing gift, to someone else or yourself, or an investment in a set you really will use again and again.

The Caraway containers are definitely a 'treat yourself' gift, one to embrace the workhorse in your home and kitchen that are food storage containers. It's also an excuse to snag Caraway's iconic organizers, look super chic while taking lunch on the go, and kiss messy drawers and cabinets goodbye.

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