10 Cardboard Furniture Designs

cardboard furniture design

Moving stinks. It particularly sucks if you're a college student or an urban nomad who doesn't stay in one spot for very long. However, cardboard furniture can make pulling up stakes less of a hassle. Especially designs that pack flat when it's time to move. Even better, unlike cheap particleboard furniture, the cardboard stuff is recyclable.

Here are 10 cardboard furniture designs that are perfect for compact living spaces like dorm rooms or tiny apartments. Some of these ideas you can buy and the others are DIY.

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    How to Make a Cardboard End Table

    cardboard endtable
    Adrian Candela

    After a trip to IKEA, Adrian Candela decided to put all the cardboard boxes his flat packed furniture was packaged in, to ingenious use. The result is the Nit, which means "night" in Catalan. It’s a cardboard end table made from 2.5mm sheets of cardboard. Now you can make one too; you’ll find the instructions here.

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    Chairigami Creates Cardboard Furniture for the Urban Nomad

    Chairigami Chair

    Chairigami creates temporary yet durable cardboard furniture out of solid three ply-corrugated board that's 70 percent recycled cardboard and 30 percent FSC certified virgin fiber. Every item is also handmade in their New Haven, CT store and is glue, staple, and resin free. On their site, you'll find a variety of items including cardboard chairs, love seats, desks, and shelving. They also accept custom orders.

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    Cardboard Shoe Rack You Can DIY

    Cardboard Shoe Rack
    A Piece of Rainbow

    While organizing her closet, Ananda from the blog A Piece of Rainbow, came up with this ingenious and dirt cheap cardboard shoe rack DIY. What makes this idea so smart is the rack's depth. It makes better use of her standard closet's available floor space. Instead, pairing shoes next to each other, each set of shoes fits inside the same cubicle with one placed behind the other. You can view the tutorial here.

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    Retro Futuristic Side Table by Cardboard Safari

    A Retro Futuristic Side Table
    Cardboad Safari

    If you ever shopped at Urban Outfitters, then you may be familiar with Cardboard Safari. They make neat décor that you can customize yourself like cardboard deer busts and the rocket table pictured here. All of their products are designed and made in Charlottesville, Virginia from eco-friendly recycled cardboard. Price: $60.

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    How to Create Whimsical Cardboard Decor

    Whimsical Cardboard Decor
    Whimsy Love / Flickr Creative Commons

    So, you already have furniture, but don't have the budget to spend on decorative accents for your temporary space. This idea by Whimsy Girl can perk up a dreary dorm room or dingy small bedroom. All you need to create are a couple of cardboard boxes, a Sharpie and your imagination.

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    You Can Buy or DIY This Beautiful and Compact Cardboard Chair

    Aline's Cardboard
    Aline's Cardboard

    Aline's Cardboard is a DIY blog and online décor shop that features cardboard furniture designs. My favorite Aline creation is the compact Banana Chair shown above. It's a sculptural beauty that's sealed and protected with Thai banana paper. If you heart this too, you can order one for $995. If the price is too steep (at least it is for me), you can DIY. Here's the tutorial.  

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    A Sleek Cardboard Pendant Lamp by Grayskunk

    Lamp by Grayskunk

    Grayskunk is an unusual design company that specializes in architecture, graphics, laser cut furniture, and all things digital (according to their website.) One of their creations is the Cubular, a cardboard pendant lamp that's made to order in their studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    For more details visit their shop. Price: $129.00.

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    You Can Buy or DIY This Striking Cardboard Chair by MillstStudio


    You can buy or DIY this striking cardboard chair designed by MillstStudio of Seville, Spain (they offer worldwide shipping.) It's made of honeycomb alveolar cardboard, a durable yet lightweight material that usually used to create sandwich panels for furniture and other things. The handmade chair costs nearly $300. But you can save a bundle if you DIY instead of buy. The cardboard chair plans cost $22.81 (USD.)

    For more details visit their Etsy shop.

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    Smart Deco Makes Good-Looking Cardboard Furniture

    cardboard dresser
    Smart Decor

    Smart Deco makes attractive and practical cardboard furniture available in natural or white. All of their products are 100 percent recyclable and made in the USA. Plus, all of their furniture comes with a waterproof lid shield.

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    You Can Bring This DIY Computer Desk and Chair to the Beach

    cardboard computer table
    A Piece of Rainbow

    Yes, summer is almost here, and if you plan on getting some work done while chilling at the beach, you'll need this portable beach desk and chair. You will find the full tutorial here.