All New Care Bears Toys Are Here!

When you were a child, did you have a Care Bear stuffed animal to take on adventures throughout the day, tell your secrets to and cuddle with in bed while sleeping at night? Which Care Bear toy was your favorite?

Maybe you learned about the Care Bears adventures in Care-A-Lot, by watching episodes on television or reading about them in books. Have you shared those shows and books with your children?

There are so many Care Bear characters. Grumpy, Funshine, Share Bear, Tenderheart Bear and Share...MORE Bear are some of the most popular, even today. Which Care Bear are you most like?

Each Care Bear has a unique and different personality. They work together to solve problems using their talents, as a team. Their mission to spread love, adventure and other great values through Care-A-Lot  is not only entertaining, but educational for children.  

The Care Bears can help young children learn about their emotions, that their actions have consequences, and that spreading care and love in the world is really important.  Shows like Care Bears can also help parents teach their children. Obstacles or challenges the bears face in Care-A-Lot, might also be related to a real life situation a child may be experiencing at home or at school. 

Many children who relate and love to watch television episodes of their favorite characters, also like to use their favorite characters during playtime, too.

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    Care Bears Plush Toys
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    Care Bears fans who want bears of all sizes to hug, nap and travel on adventures with, may like a Care Bear plush toy or stuffed animal. These toys can be bought in many different sizes and bear personalities.

    Some Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins stuffed animals also have beans in their bottom which allow them to sit up.

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    Care Bears and Cousins Minifigures
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    Blind bag toys are those tiny toys that come in foil or plastic packages that kids can not see which toy is hiding inside. The toy is a total surprise. Kids love collecting these types of toys and there are often many series of toys to collect year after year. Going to the store to buy bag toys is often a great low-cost reward for kids who have accomplished something difficult. These tiny toys are also the perfect size figure to decorate a birthday cake, attach to a friend's birthday gift...MORE and fill a holiday stocking with. 

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    Care Bears Tutus

    These Care Bears inspired tutus are great for everyday play, all year long for kids who enjoy dress-up play.

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    Just Play Care Bear Collector Set
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    Many kids love to use their favorite bears during their open-ended play. They might build Care-A-Lot with blocks or let the Care Bears take over their Disney Princess castle. This collects set of Care Bears includes 14 different figures. 

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    Build A Bear

    Looking for a fun Care Bear experience? Head to a Build-A-Bear Workshop store in a local mall. Kids can choose, then stuff their favorite Care Bear before they accessorize it with fun outfits, an audio message, and even a scent! Their Care Bear friend can also be accessorized to match the child's personality and style.  

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    Care Bears Costumes

    Looking for a fun Halloween costume? Do your kids like to pretend to be their favorite characters? Family members will not be able to resist squeezing the love out of your kids while wearing these adorable Care Bear costumes.

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    Care bears Sing-A-Long Bear
    Just Play

    Are the kids asking for a nightlight? Do they share that they are afraid of the dark? These Glow-A-Lot Care Bears friends keep kids company at night while sleeping, and offer a little big of light until they fall asleep.   No batteries are required for these bears. Just  hold the toy up to a light first to "charge" it. The toy will glow for a short period of time after.

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    Glitter Care Bear Action Figures
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    Many kids like to play and collect all sorts of action figure "friends" or "guys." Their collections do not always include one type of toy, Care Bears might play with their favorite toys from other shows, too.

    Toys like these Care Bear glitter figures are popular for younger children because they are enough to fit in the palm of a hand, a coat pocket or their parents purse or backpack. Kids can take their imagination and play adventures on-the-go.

    These Care Bear toy figures...MORE feature Cheer, Good Luck, Share, Grumpy, and Love-a-Lot Bear. They also have moving arms and legs that allow them to be posed.