Sweet Potatoes

A Caribbean Staple

Sweet potatoes
Tom Grill/Getty Images

Sweet potatoes are a part of the collection of tubular vegetables that make up Ground Provisions. In North America, they are referred to as yams but they are not yams.

Here in the Caribbean, we get 3 varieties of sweet potoates and we identify them by the color of their flesh. There is the white-flesh sweet potato, the yellow-flesh sweet potato, and the orange-flesh sweet potato.

The yellow flesh sweet potato is easily identifiable because the skin is usually light coloured, almost cream.

The orange and white-fleshed sweet potatoes both have purple skins and not as easily identifiable at a glance. Most people depend on the vendors to advise them if both varieties are available for sale at the same stall.

The white-fleshed sweet potato is the most common variety that we get in the Caribbean and it is used to make a variety of dishes.

The orange and yellow sweet potatoes are rich in carotene. All sweet potatoes provide vitamin A and minerals.