Caring for a Sick Doll

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    Sick Baby Dolls Need Love

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    Your children might have oversized personalities in your home. However, inside every loud lassie and boisterous boy, there is another child--a kid who is full of nurturing tendencies and a desire to do good, to be needed. Children have an ability to feel sympathy and empathy, and taking care of their sick or injured dolls and bears is their way to fine-tune that important personality trait.

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    Doctor on Call

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    Let's face it, kids have a difficult world to navigate: they are seen, heard and often obeyed in their houses. When they go outside, though, it changes. They are shrunk down to size. At recess, they are just one little child among many. Children feel stress, and they just might require extra heaps of love because of that playground powerlessness. Their "demotion" begs for extra mommy and daddy devotion. In their playrooms, children can morph into the heroes they want to be. No matter...MORE how young, they want to feel important and in control. Taking care of a sick baby doll does the trick. 

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    Hugs for Health

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    Think about it--when your child is ill, don't you show him or her that extra dollop of attention? Sure, we all love our children unconditionally, but our child's feverish conditions touch our parental heart more than we can bear. When our daughter is sick, we do all we can to alleviate her pain. In today's modern world, with both parents often working and being out of the house, a child's sickness turns that ordinary "business as usual" upside down. Children often tended...MORE to by babysitters, suddenly get the hands-on treatment from their mom or dad. It's an outpouring of physical attention that eclipses the usual everyday routines. This is something different. This is something a child can imitate.

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    To the Rescue

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     Children take to the nursing of their dolls and plush pals with great enthusiasm and determination. Sometimes, it's not just the favorite doll or stuffed animal that comes down with a faux fever or a case of the synthetic sniffles. Nope, sometimes the whole toy chest can be invaded by imaginary germs. Children enact what they see in their parents and older siblings. When they are nurtured and fed by Mommy and Daddy, have their fevers reduced and their sneezes eliminated, they know that all...MORE is right in the world. Their parents become the nursing superheroes they aspire to be.  

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    Rx for RNs

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     Many health professionals got their start in their eventual occupations because of their nursery nursing days. So many little girls of yesteryear (and today as well) gravitate to the RN profession because of these initial interactions with dolls that have boo-boos, bears that have measles and Barbies that are breaking out in hives. The imaginary illnesses that little kids dream up and then solve are great morale boosters. They feel like they are in control of anything that might ail them.

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    Bedside Manner

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    Whether your daughter ultimately decides to follow a career path in medicine is not solely tied into whether or not she gave make-believe booster shots to her teddy bears or continually used Popsicle sticks for her dolls' tongue depressors. There is a lot more at play, of course, regarding whether or not she applies to med school. (But past play does give a hint!)

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    A Doctor in Your House

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     A girl who does see the connection between caring for her baby dolls, attending to their needs and curing their ailments will grow up to be an empathetic, concerned woman. Having these traits will help her in whatever career path she chooses to pursue. But remember, all professionals have to start somewhere. The little girl who is asking her doll to say "ahhh" today might become a top medical practitioner tomorrow.