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Caroline is the Editor at The Spruce, The Spruce Pets, and The Spruce Crafts, editing and covering topics relevant to all things home and lifestyle. She's a seasoned editor with 5+ years experience in pitching, writing, editing, and optimizing digital content across multiple verticals.  


  • 5 years experience writing and editing home and lifestyle content across print and digital media.
  • Experience propping and styling photoshoots, as well as concepting and hosting video.
  • Well-versed in home and market trends, with tons of close industry contacts. 
  • Meticulous apartment scrubber, operating under the belief that baking soda and vinegar can clean just about anything. 
  • Vintage fanatic and lover of a street furniture refurb. 
  • Stops to greet every dog she sees, and lets them all lick her face.




Before The Spruce, Caroline was the Assistant Editor at Food52 and the brand new Home52, covering decor, cleaning, organizing, and other lifestyle topics. She collaborated closely with the senior editor to produce compelling content on site and social against business goals, while seamlessly integrating SEO tactics. She also managed a team of freelance writers and honed her ability to speak on camera for hosted videos, Instagram lives, and short instructional stories. 

She began her career in media at Family Circle Magazine, juggling print and digital content, managing interns, and curating market and expert-driven pages covering home, lifestyle, and travel. Her pages ranged from a monthly cleaning column with hacks and in-depth solutions, to purely beautiful decor spreads. She’s tested and pitched a ton of stuff, from sweater de-fuzzers to powdered mushroom “coffee,” so she’s able to speak to quality across a range of genres. 



Caroline graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in English Creative Writing and Literature, and a minor in Political Science.


Interviews and Media 

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5 Questions With Caroline 

What is your zodiac sign?

Pisces, but I don’t really identify with it. I’m much more extroverted than most pisces. 

Describe your home style in a few words or phrases.

Eclectic, cozy, vintage-inspired, organized. 

What is your favorite thing you own and why?

I have three genuine mid-century pieces from my grandmother and grandfather: a desk with a slide-out top and lots of drawer storage, a walnut slat-front dresser with original brass pulls, and a Martha Washington sewing cabinet I refinished as a side table. They're all a very stately walnut, and I get a lot of compliments on them—which always makes me smile and think of my grandparents. I’m endlessly lucky that a love of quality furniture runs in the family. 

​Which room in your home do you find most relaxing?

My living room—lots of warm lighting, cozy pillows and throws, and plenty of space to gather with friends. 

​What's your most dreaded chore?

The dishes, hands down. I frequently clean the entire kitchen just as a means of stalling the dishes. And emptying out the sink drain? Forget it.  

​What is your favorite season and why?

Fall, of course, because I despise the heat of August in NYC but I love crisp jacket weather. 

​What home decor trend are you loving right now?

The return of maximalism, since minimalism was never a style I’d be able to achieve; I collect way too much stuff.

Education: Hofstra University
Location: New York, New York
Title: Editor
Business Name: The Spruce

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