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From building with wood to improving or repairing wood furniture, our guide to carpentry and woodworking can help experts and DIYers with their woodworking projects large and small.

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diy shoe rack
How to Build a Shoe Rack
pantry shelves
How to Build Pantry Shelves
wooden tray with coffee
How to Make Your Own Wooden Tray
Illustration showing the different types of wood joints
14 Types of Wood Joints and How to Choose
wooden coasters
How to Make Wooden Coasters
wooden cutting board
How to Make a Wooden Cutting Board
wood stain
How to Remove Stain From Wood
wooden drawer divider
How to Make Wooden Drawer Dividers
wooden stool
How to Build a Wooden Stool
diy wooden grill cart
How to Build a Grilling Cart
Potting Bench
How to Make a DIY Potting Bench
how to refinish a table
How to Repaint and Refinish a Table Top
Wall Cabinet in Kitchen
How to Build a Basic Wall Cabinet
Miter Saw
How to Use a Miter Saw
Front view of a pegboard with tools and thread hanging from it
How to Hang a Pegboard
Closeup professional carpenter hand grinding raw wood plank with orbital sander electric machine in carpentry diy workshop. Detail of furniture restoration renewal. Power tool and equipment concept
How to Use a Random Orbital Sander
Yellow and black nail gun above wood with nails on the side
How to Use a Nail Gun
Construction worker makes measurements with a laser level tool
How to Use a Laser Level
Tall wood planter with purple flowers
How to Build a DIY Tall Planter
Apartment with double pocket doors
How to Install a Pocket Door
Chair hanging from the ceiling
How to Safely Install a Hanging Chair
Sagging Gate
How to Fix a Sagging Gate
Windowsill with rotten wood
How to Repair Rotted Wood
Wood Kitchen Cabinets
How to Stain Wood Cabinets
DIY bocce ball courts
How to Build a Bocce Ball Court for Hours of Fun in Your Own Backyard
Spray painted wooden chair
How to Spray Paint Furniture
Sanding Sealer on Wood
What Is Sanding Sealer?
Jigsaw set up on wooden board with saw blade going through
How to Use a Jigsaw
Repairing Squeaky Bed
How to Fix a Squeaky Bed
Dog on DIY dog ramp
How to Build a DIY Dog Ramp
Pocket door slightly open between bathroom and bedroom
How to Repair a Pocket Door
Wall Framing
How to Frame a Wall
Stripped screw unscrewed from wood beam with screwdriver and screwdrivers in background
How to Remove a Stripped Screw
Screw extractor
How to Use a Screw Extractor Like a Pro
Pile of homemade wood filler next to bottle of wood glue and metal scooper
How to Make and Use Homemade Wood Filler
drilling a hole at an angle
How to Drill Angled Holes Into Wood
Old hardwood floor
How to Fix Gaps in Hardwood Floors
leveling a floor in an old house
How to Fix Uneven Floors in an Old House
Dimensional Lumber Sizes For Building and Remodeling
Close up detail of circular saw
How to Choose the Right Circular Saw
Wood Filler
How to Use Wood Filler
Stacked plywood
What Is Marine-Grade Plywood?
White cabinets in open kitchen with stainless steel appliances
Refacing vs. Replacing Kitchen Cabinets: What to Know
White door that sticks being fixed with hands
How to Fix a Door That Sticks
Basement Being Finished With Sub-Flooring
Pressure Treated Wood Code Requirements at Home
Fix Wood Epoxy Resin
How to Repair Wood Using Epoxy Resin
Kerf Method to Bend Wood
How to Bend Wood at Home
Door Framing Construction
How to Build a Door Frame
Shaker Cabinet Doors
How to Make Shaker Cabinet Doors
Framing a Window
How to Frame a Window
A cat behind a sliding screen door
How to Build a Simple Screen Door
Ripping Wood on a Table Saw
Ripping Wood: How to Use a Table Saw for Even Cuts
How to Build a DIY Projector Screen Inside
Lumber warehouse. Wood planks and timber stacked in stacks outdoors
How to Identify and Shop for Cull Lumber
DIY Closet System with Shelves
How to Install DIY Closet Shelves
Carpenter using a circular saw
How to Make a Cutting Guide for Your Circular Saw
hammering a nail with a clothespin
The Definitive Way to Safely Hammer a Nail
Wood stain
How to Stain Wood
Apron And Hat Hanging Against White Wall
How to Make a DIY Coat Hook for Your Home
White bedroom
How to Whitewash Wood For a Vintage Look

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