8 Carpet and Rug Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

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Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Zeke Ruelas

Carpet and rugs are key components of the home, yet there are some looks that go in and out of style as time passes. What looks will be everywhere in 2023? We asked interior designers to share the carpet and rug trends that they're currently loving and plan to introduce into more spaces in the coming year.

Vintage and Vintage-Inspired Rugs

As we enter a new year, we can expect to take a look back in time—at least when it comes to rugs—says Olivia Wahler from Hearth Home Interiors. "Nobody (including us!) has had enough of the vintage rug trend—we're not sure if we ever will," she says. "Using vintage or vintage-inspired rugs creates an instant sense of 'home' and nostalgia, and anchors a room in a way that is tough to match." Vintage rugs can be purchased online, but you may also wish to take to a flea market or estate sale to scout out a piece in person.

vintage rug in living room

Ashley Montgomery Design

Earthy Hues

Say hello to warmer natural colors next year. "We expect to see lots of earthy hues (like olive greens, golden yellows, warm rusts, and clay tones) which always help create an approachable, warm, and well-lived space," Wahler notes. Kristen Rivoli of Kristen Rivoli Interior Design agrees. "In terms of color, nature will continue to be an important trend, with hues of corals, greens, and blues, along with earthy neutrals."

Perfomance Rugs

There's nothing wrong with prioritizing practicality! "As we are all spending more time these days in our homes, I believe that there is a greater need for performance rugs to withstand the many footprints, dirt, et cetera, that they experience," says Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design. "I am seeing new materials and construction in good looking performance rugs that are ideal for dining rooms and living rooms."

performance rug in dining room

Nadia Watts Interior Design

Neutral, Textured Pieces

Not one to decorate with color? Fear not. "Materials like jute, wool, and sisal will also continue to be a neutral staple," Wahler adds. "We expect to see our rug designers playing with textural variations and designs a lot more in the new year!" Jen Dallas who runs an eponymous design firm and will be releasing a rug collection next year echoes these sentiments. "Natural fibers like seagrass and jute make great underlay rugs for a smaller vintage rug of choice," she shares.

jute rug in living room

Desiree Burns Interiors

Rugs With an Unusual Shape

Why not have a little fun with your rug? "Recently I’ve been excited by rugs that have an unusual shape—cutouts, notched edges, scalloped edges, round shapes, squiggles profiles, anything that feels a bit more unusual than a typical rectangle," shares Keren Richter of White Arrow. "These can work great with curvilinear furniture or more playful furniture." Designer Tina Delia of Delia Designs agrees. "Unconventional shapes are all the rage right now," she says. "From geometric to abstract, homeowners are looking for decor that is unique."

A Colorblock Design

Bold, colorblock modern rugs will be making themselves known, Rivoli says. "Elevated area rugs with bold designs are used as a major design element tying together everything in the room but also standing out, like a piece of art."

bold rug

Kirsten Rivoli Interior Design


Why not use a rug as a means to convey your personality? "Individualism and not being afraid to express oneself is the latest thing on my mind regarding rugs," says Amy May of Artala Designs. "As with other pieces and materials, I use rugs to evoke whatever emotion is that I am receiving from the client for the particular space we are creating," she adds. "The rugs to us are considered artwork anchoring each space." May enjoys using rugs like the one shown that feature strong, saturated colors. "That punch is not for the faint of heart, nor would it work for just any home," she explains. Watts is also more than happy to go bold. "A little pop of color? No, it's going to be a big pop of color for rugs in the new year," she notes. "Use colors in a gorgeous rug to pair perfectly with the colors in the fabric being used in a room. This creates the aha moment. And begs the question: 'How did you find this rug?'"

bold rugs

Artala Designs

Carpet in the Primary Bedroom

The bedroom should be a soothing place in which to unwind, so why not make sure your sleep space features plush carpeting underfoot? "We want the feeling of comfort and cozy in the bedroom and a place of peace, unlike the hustle and bustle of the 'hardworking' rooms of the house like living and family rooms," Watts says. She suggests installing wall to wall carpet in the primary bedroom. "Wall to wall carpet instantly creates a calmer and quieter room, and because it absorbs sounds, it becomes that peaceful place to sleep and rest."