Carpet Style and Color Trends From 2016

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    Popular Carpet Styles from 2016

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    Each year in January, carpet manufacturers unveil their newest product lines, which feature key décor trends of the year. Here’s a look at the carpet styles and colors that are hot from 2016.

    Texture remains key in design. For the past several years, trends have reflected an increased demand for texture, both tangibly and visually. Let’s explore what this means in terms of carpet.

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    Tangible Texture

    Close up of soft white carpet fibers
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    The feel of the carpet fiber has certainly always been a concern of purchasers. After all, who wants to live on a carpet that doesn’t feel good? Softness is at the forefront of consumers’ minds when purchasing carpet. And, increasingly over the past decade, carpet manufacturers have been delivering.

    An overwhelming number of the day's carpets were made using “soft fibers.” These are the same synthetic fibers that have always been used in carpet, but they have been made into much finer strands...MORE than traditional carpet fibers. As a result, they have a very soft feel.

    Soft carpets continued to dominate the market​ and represent the vast majority of new collections introduced recently, including new lines in the Mohawk SmartStrand collection, which continues to be a huge seller in the retail industry.

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    Visual Texture

    Dark gray carpet featuring wavy pattern
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    Texture can not only be felt, it can also be seen. Visual texture is a huge component of décor, and of carpet styles.

    As mentioned, the design trends called for a lot of textures to be used, in various forms. Visual texture can be achieved through carpet in a number of ways.

    Perhaps the most notable 2016 trend in carpet texture was the cut and loop style. Cut and loops have been around for decades, but they were being used in new ways to create contemporary styles. In the past several years, they...MORE have been largely made in pin dot or geometric square designs. Keep scrolling to see how they’ve evolved.

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    Beige carpet featuring striated pattern
    Photo courtesy of Milliken

    Starting in 2015 and erupting at the onset of 2016, cut and loop styles were being seen in linear striated patterns, which create a subtle “stripe” effect in the carpet. This style is pictured above in the Milliken Crystal Stitch collection, which was first introduced in 2015, and a number of new introductions at the 2016 Mohawk trade show also featured striated patterns, which are the top-selling looped style currently, according to a Mohawk representative.

    Of course, the pin dot and geometric...MORE patterns are still current, and can be found in a range of collections and colors.

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    Hot Colors

    White luxury bedroom with carpet
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    From 2016, we haven’t seen a big change from the color palettes of 2015. Neutral colors have always dominated the residential carpet palettes, and this year is no exception. New introductions feature an almost equal distribution of grays and beiges, with plenty of greige colors in between.

    One noticeable fresh take on neutrals is the increase in white and off-white carpet. For years, many have stayed away from such light colors in wall-to-wall broadloom out of fear of spills and stains. With the...MORE advancements being made in stain-resistance, however, today’s fibers are truly more cleanable and stain-resistant than ever before, giving consumers the confidence to buy white.

    In fact, Shaw Floors has named “White Hot” as its 2016 Color of the Year, while paint company Benjamin Moore has dubbed “Simply White” as its Color of the Year for 2016.

    Another color trend carried on from previous years is the tone-on-tone or two-tone color. This color trend features carpet fibers of different colors twisted together, which adds depth and even more visual texture to the carpet. One line of carpets that features this look predominantly is the Mohawk PET/PTT blend collection