High Quality at a Low Price: Casaluna Organic Bath Towel

A soft towel that’s warm and absorbent

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Casaluna Organic Bath Towels

Casaluna Organic Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

What We Like
  • Fairly soft to the touch

  • Very absorbent

  • Durable construction

  • Easy to care for

What We Don't Like
  • Limited color selection

  • Plain design

  • Expect some shedding

Bottom Line

The Casaluna Organic Bath Towel offers high quality at a low price. 


Casaluna Organic Bath Towels

Casaluna Organic Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

We purchased a set of Casaluna Organic Bath Towels so our reviewer could put them to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for decent bath towels, there are some surprisingly affordable options on the market. Casaluna’s Organic Bath Towel is a highly-rated towel that can be purchased at Target. The manufacturer claims it is fade-resistant, ultra-absorbent, and low lint. But does the towel actually live up to those claims? I tested a few for several weeks to find out. Read on to hear my final verdict. 

The Casaluna Organic Bath Towel is made in India from 100-percent organic cotton. Right out of the packaging, I was impressed with the quality. The towels have a fairly soft texture and a nice weight to them. No break-in period is required, and you don’t have to wash them multiple times to soften them up. I wouldn’t describe these towels as plush by any means, but they are pleasant to the touch. I noticed a few loose threads on one of the towels, which I snipped off with scissors. Aside from that, I didn’t find any flaws. 

Casaluna Organic Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

The towels come in eight solid colors and are rather plain in design. That said, I wouldn’t expect any bells or whistles in this price range. They have a border with a subtle woven pattern at both ends, which adds a bit of visual interest. I love that the border is made from the same soft cotton as the rest of the towel. It’s not coarse or scratchy—a problem I’ve often run into with other towels. 

Densely looped with a 700 GSM, these towels are very absorbent. As a rule of thumb, a towel with a higher GSM (700 to 900) is generally heavier and more absorbent. My skin was completely dry after a few passes. The towels don’t take on too much water, and they don’t get bogged down when they’re wet. After several days of consecutive use without laundering, I’m happy to report that they didn’t pick up any musty odors—a big plus because I live in a warm climate. 

Densely looped with a 700 GSM, these towels are very absorbent.

Measuring 30 x 56 inches, they are generously sized for bath towels, which means they provide some extra coverage. If you’re a larger adult or simply prefer a towel with a cozier, blanket-like feel, a larger bath sheet is available. As a female of average height and weight, I was able to wrap myself up comfortably. The thicker texture kept me nice and warm when I stepped out of the shower. The towel stayed tied when I wrapped it around me afterward. Since it is on the larger side, my hair doesn’t stay wrapped up in it. It tends to come loose or fall off pretty quickly.

Measuring 30 x 56 inches, they are generously sized for bath towels, which means they provide some extra coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the towels durable?

I’ve only had the towels for a few weeks, but they held up well after several runs through the washer and dryer. They didn’t shrink, fade, stretch, or bleed. Despite being advertised as low lint, I noticed a fair amount of shedding in the dryer. I was wearing dark clothes when I washed the towels, and they left some lint behind on them. Since cotton is naturally prone to shedding, it isn’t really a problem, in my opinion. I would suggest washing the towels separately to avoid transferring lint onto other materials.

What colors do they come in?

The Casaluna Organic Bath Towel is available in eight solid colors: clay, gray, dark gray, black, white, navy, sky blue, and dark sand. Aside from the clay, you won’t find any vibrant colors or patterns, but the colors are neutral enough that they’ll tie in nicely with any decor. I ordered mine in sky blue, which looks great with my beach-themed bathroom.

What sizes are available?

The towels come in four different sizes—a bath towel, bath sheet, hand towel, and washcloth. All of the towels feature the same border, making it easy to score a matching set.

Casaluna Organic Bath Towels

The Spruce / Sage McHugh

What are the care instructions?

The Casaluna Organic Bath Towel can be machine washed on a normal cycle and tumble dried on low. Avoid using bleach when laundering.

Are these towels worth buying?

At $18 per bath towel, you really can’t go wrong with the Casaluna collection. These towels are surprisingly good quality considering their inexpensive price tag. They aren’t as plush or decorative as boutique brands like Parachute and Brooklinen, but I’m thoroughly pleased by their performance. The towels are soft, absorbent, and easy to care for. What’s more, they come with a one-year guarantee, ensuring your money is well-spent.

Casaluna Organic Bath Towel vs. The Competition

If you’re looking for budget-friendly bath towels that are available in a wider selection of colors, consider the Simply Vera Vera Wang Signature Bath Towel. Available in 17 colors ranging from vibrant shades to neutrals, they can be purchased at Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond. Retailing around $26 each, these towels are pricier than the Casaluna collection. However, they’re a bit softer and fluffier. Featuring a ribbed border at both ends, they’re also a little more decorative than the Casaluna line. The only downside is that they don’t seem to be as durable. I found some loose threads after laundering.  

If you’re partial to higher-end towels that are ultra-soft, the Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Towels hit all the marks when it comes to luxury. A set of two retails for $69, which is significantly more expensive than Casaluna’s offerings. Our reviewer says these towels “are wonderfully thick and plush,” which should justify the higher cost. Available in seven neutral colors, the color selection is on par with Casaluna. Brooklinen sells matching washcloths, hand towels, and a bath mat, so you can easily make a set.

Final Verdict

A solid choice for a very reasonable price. 

The Casaluna Organic Bath Towel exceeded my expectations for a budget brand. It is fairly soft, very absorbent, and more durable than many other towels that I’ve tested. If you can forgo the plushness offered by more expensive products, I think this towel will serve you well.


  • Product Name Organic Bath Towels
  • Product Brand Casaluna
  • Price $18.00
  • Product Dimensions 30 x 56 in.
  • Color Clay, gray, dark gray, black, white, navy, sky blue, dark sand
  • Material 100-percent cotton
  • Available Sizes Washcloth (13 x 13 in), hand towel (16 x 30 in), bath towel (30 x 56 in.), bath sheet (33 x 65 in.)