Casket Furniture

Casket Furniture

Casket furniture is made by MHP Enterprises, a family-owned company located just outside of Nelson B.C. Canada. The family-owned and operated company was founded in 1997 but really originated from an earlier family business that hails from a small Russian village in Southern BC. The family has been building caskets since 1927. The company's philosophy is that everyone deserves more than a mass-produced box, and its stated mission is to "reduce the burden of high priced funerals with unique alternatives."

A Unique Kind of Furniture

Living with a constant reminder of your mortality in the form of casket furniture may not be your idea of furnishing a home. However, the company has found enough customers that believe in not buying a coffin for just one day. It has also been featured in Maxim's, People Magazine and BusinessWeek among other publications.

Casket Furniture claims that its products can last you a lifetime, and at the end of it, they can be used to carry you away. There is no end to the creative use of caskets in fashioning couches, cabinets, shelves, or coffee tables. All pieces of furniture double as caskets when needed, or may just be enjoyed as ​a novelty or unique furniture. You can also buy furniture/casket plans and kits to make your own. Casket Furniture also takes custom orders.

Casket Furniture Examples

While this furniture flies in the face of the norms surrounding death, funerals, and burial in this culture, it may not be regarded as that strange in others. It may even help put the fear of death out of your mind forever. Interested? Here are some examples to give you an idea of what is available:

The Rayonnant - Eternaltainment Center

This is a Gothic architecture inspired entertainment center that combines a casket with shelves. It can come apart when needed to let you extricate the casket from the middle. Afterward, the remaining two sides slide together and can be used as shelves. The entertainment center is made with birch veneer, solid birch, and the casket has red velvet bedding.

If you want, you can purchase the plan and make your own. The plans are pretty inexpensive, but you would need to have woodworking expertise and tools to make your own.

The Distortion, Coffee Table, and Bar

This is one of the most jazzed up caskets that you will ever come across. It certainly makes the thought of death seem less morose, if not less morbid. The casket table is black on black and lights up. The glass top allows you to display prized possessions.

The Manhattan Casket Pool Table

Maybe you haven't ever put together the words "pool tables" and "caskets" in the same breath. But here is a pool table that is also a casket. It is constructed from quality material, but if a coffin-shaped pool table is not for you, you can find out about other shapes, by contacting the company. Plans for a DIY kit are also available.

The Merlot, Coffin Wine Holder

Casket furniture also offers novelties such as this wine bottle holder that holds a wine bottle cushioned in form-fitting burgundy velvet. The case is in rustic pine with a hand-rubbed lacquer finish.

Where to Buy and Contact Information

Casket furniture is available from Casket Furniture's website

Address: MHP Enterprises /
RR #1, S-7, C-34
Crescent Valley, British Columbia
Canada, V0G 1H0 | Phone: : (604)563-1931