Casual Script Monogram Patterns

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    Personalize Your Embroidery with Monograms

    Monogram Patterns
    Monogram Patterns. © Mollie Johanson, Licensed to

    Alongside samplers, monograms are among the most classic embroidery motifs you'll find. You'll find them on handkerchiefs, shirt pockets or cuffs, bags and more. 

    And why not? They are such an easy way to personalize a gift or something for yourself. 

    Monogram patterns come in all kinds of styles, ranging from simple and classic to flowery and ornate, and everything in between. Choosing a style is another great way to customize the embroidery.

    Sometimes monograms are stitched with a set of initials...MORE and other times with just one letter. Stitching three letters with the initial of the last name in the middle is a traditional (and somewhat formal) style. Embroidering first and last initials with periods after each, or just stitching one letter, can look a little more relaxed and fun. 

    These free patterns are simple and quick to stitch, and while they are in a script type, they're just casual enough for everyday use.

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    Monogram Alphabet Patterns

    Casual Script Monogram Patterns
    Casual Script Monogram Patterns. © Mollie Johanson, Licensed to

    To access the full size patterns, download the JPG and resize as desired. Printing the image sized to fit on a US Letter size page will give you monograms that are a little over 1" tall.

    Use software or your printer's settings to adjust the size. There's no reason why you can't stitch a giant monogram!

    Mark the letter(s) you're using on your fabric with the method of your choice, using water-soluble stabilizer or tracing paper for dark or thick fabrics.

    For more delicate monograms, embroider with...MORE 2-3 strands using stem stitch. For a fuller look, try stitching with more strands or in a chunkier stitch like chain stitch. Whipped back stitch would also work well. 

    The letters are inspired by a free font called Euphoria Script, and have been adapted to be more suitable for embroidery.

    Please Note: This pattern is copyrighted © by Mollie Johanson and is licensed to, Inc. This pattern is free for your own personal use and creating finished embroidery available for sale in small quantities. Please do not redistribute this pattern in any way.

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    Customize with Embellishments

    Embellish the Letters However You Choose
    Embellish the Letters However You Choose. © Mollie Johanson, Licensed to

    If you want your monograms to be a little fancier, try enhancing them with more stitches!

    For this example, I added half of a lazy daisy with a french knot in the middle and some straight stitch leaves. 

    You could also add more flowers, a little row of french knots along one edge of the letter, or a few twinkle stars made with straight stitches. Of course, those are just a few ideas to get you started. Be as creative as you like!

    Additionally, these letters would be beautiful within a border.

    For...MORE more examples of what embellished monograms can look like, check out Sublime Stitching's monogram pattern or the collections from Urban Threads