Celebrating Your Cats Birthday

Cat birthday celebration
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    Start the Party With a Special Treat

    Cat treat
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    If you're a serious cat lover, you probably celebrate your cat's birthday, or possibly his or her "adoptiversary," or both. Here are ways to make the celebration fun for both the cats and the human family members, and a way to make the occasion much more meaningful.

    First, get your kitty in a party mood with a very special treat. Bonito fish flakes are a huge favorite in our house. Billy is the real addict in the fur family and we celebrated his ​adoptiversary with Bonita Tuna...MORE Flakes, which will last our four cats several months. This treat is pure protein, so use sparingly with cats with kidney problems.

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    Exercise Birthday Cat Before Dining

    Cat feather toy
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    Around our house, Da Bird is the #1 choice for interactive play. It's quick action and lifelike play simulates a bird in flight, irresistible to most cats, young and old. Keep your play session short, about 10 minutes, and let the partygoers catch the bird now and then. You don't want to frustrate them or wear them out.

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    Prepare a Home-Cooked Meal for Your Cats

    cats eating
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    A birthday or adoptiversary is no fun unless it's shared by friends. Invite all your kitties and whip up a special meal for them. You'll find a number of scrumptious recipes here, any one of them would make a fine celebratory meal for happy cats. Jaspurr thinks home-cooked is lip-smacking good!

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    Don't Forget Birthday Cat's Cake!

    The J-Boys Enjoy Their Birthday Cake. Franny Syufy

    For Jaspurr and Joey's first birthday celebration, we gave them a simple "cake," which was a can of their favorite pate food with a candle on top. Don't worry; the candle was not really lit. If your cat enjoys it, you might decorate the top of the "cake" with a dollop of plain yogurt.

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    Presents Are a Must!

    picture of cat playing with stuffed mouse
    Cats Love Catnip Mice. Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

    What's a celebration without gifts for the birthday/adoptiversary boy? Joey thinks catnip mice are the cat's meow! The bonus, of course, is that they are inexpensive. 

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    Provide Space for Nap-Time

    Cat napping
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    Hearty play and a full belly simply call out for a nap. Provide a nice space for naps, but remember that it's kitty's big day, so let him sleep wherever he flops.

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    In Honor of Kitty's Special Day: Donate to a Cat Charity

    Photo Credit: © Avram Piltch
    Share Your Pride & Joy With Special Friends. Avram and his Two Boys

    For an adoptiversary, what better way of celebrating your happiness than to make a donation to the shelter or rescue group your kitty came from? Avram Piltch, the webmaster of the popular New Cat City blog, celebrated the birthday of his two adopted cats, Arthur and Beowulf, by donating to the shelter where they were born before he adopted them. If your cat was a "foundling," think about donating to one of these great organizations.

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    Share Your Pride and Joy With Special Friends

    Picture Of "Laughing Cats"
    Jaspurr and Joey Are Glad You're Here. Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

    Take loads of pictures of your cat's birthday or adoptiversary celebration, and share them with your friends. 

    Thanks for joining us for the celebration. Jaspurr and Joey are tickled that you could join us!