Cat Food Brands A-Z

Comparison of Cat Food Products' Ingredients Listings

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A-Z list of Cat Food Manufacturers and Brands.

DISCLAIMER: Inclusion of specific brands of cat food in these articles is for the convenience of readers for comparing ingredients and nutrients from one food to another. It is NOT intended nor to be construed as a recommendation nor endorsement of any included food by Franny Syufy nor by

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As cat owners become more informed consumers, we need a way to compare one brand of dry or canned cat food against another, to ensure our cats get the very best nutrition they need for growth, healthy skin, teeth, and muscle development.

In order to help my readers develop their knowledge about cat food, I've provided the necessary tools for learning how to select cat foods and for understanding exactly what the cat food labels say:

I've chosen for review certain premium cat foods as well as supplements for raw food diets, for those who choose to home-prepare food for their cats, as well as commercially-prepared raw and freeze-dried cat foods:

The next logical step for those who prefer the convenience of opening a can of cat food or a bag of dry cat food is a "one-stop" list of all brands of cat foods which includes the ingredients listings and guaranteed analysis (where available) for each food.

You have the tools you need - now you can put them to use with the:

A-Z list of Cat Food Manufacturers and Brands.

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(Because of the vast scope of this project, it will be ongoing, so bookmark this page for future updates.)