Review of Cat Litter Options

The type of cat litter you select for the litter box is critical to the success of litter box training. While your cat will be most interested in the smell and texture of the substrate, your concerns may be safety, scoopability, disposability, associated dust (allergies) and odor control. The bottom line, of course, is whether your cat will use it.  This list includes non-clay scoopable "natural litters," clay-based "specialty" litters and litters made from other substrates. 

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    Except for its price, World's Best Cat Litter lives up to its name. Made of whole kernel corn, this litter is virtually dust-free and clumps exceedingly well, so it can be safely used in automatic litter boxes.

    The clumps do not stick to the bottom and sides of the box, which is a complaint often voiced about other litters. The natural corn odor is mild and unobjectionable. Regular scooping keeps the box relatively odor-free so that the box doesn't need to be completely changed out often,...MORE mitigating the initial costs.

    A potential downside is the possibility of aflatoxin fungus so be sure to read about precautions with this brand.

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    Feline Pine is made of natural pine pellets and is dust free (a boon to asthmatics and their cats), non-tracking and flushable. It's economical too, as the litter only needs changing when the pellets have dissolved -- about every two weeks, on average. Feline Pine doesn't clump and some cats may find the pellets uncomfortable on their feet. ranks Feline Pine the Best Biodegradable Litter. However, it may not be a great idea to flush Feline Pine down the toilet.

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    Photo of Perfect Litter Container
    Perfect Litter Container. photo © Pet Healthy Holdings

    Pet Ecology manufactures its Perfect LitterTM with a proprietary blend of lightweight, biodegradable substrate combined with an odor control called "Eco de Odor." Anyone who has tried to lift heavy bags of clay litter will appreciate the benefits of a lightweight product. This one advertises to be one-seventh the weight of ordinary clay litter.

    The added fillip, one which will be attractive to cat owners with cats susceptible to lower urinary tract disorders, is the addition of a special...MORE pH indicator which causes the litter to turn pinkish incrementally when the urine pH rises -- the brighter the pink, the more serious the problem.

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    Sometimes, for one reason or another, cats begin to avoid the use of their litter box, or a previously outdoor cat needs to be trained to use a litter box. Cat Attract was developed by a feline-only veterinarian as a "training litter." This litter contains a natural herb "attractant" that piques a cat's curiosity in the litter.

    Although it is a clumping clay litter, it has been found to be very useful in retraining cats to the litter box and it works well to use temporarily...MORE for that purpose.

    Read's analysis of Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter.

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    This cat litter offers the best of both worlds: hard-clumping corn-based litter combined with the enzyme action of well-respected Nature's Miracle, for "litter-ally odor" free litter boxes.

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    Aptly named, Yesterday's News cat litter is made of recycled crumbled paper pellets, and it's biodegradable, flushable and environmentally friendly, but non-clumping. Its softer texture is more comfortable for some cats, and it is suitable sore paws that have been declawed.