My cat doesn't Meow a lot. Is something wrong with her?

Ginger Kitten Meowing
Melina Alzamora V. / EyeEm / Getty Images

Question: My cat doesn't Meow a lot. Is something wrong with her?

Answer: If this is sudden behavior, I'd be concerned, especially if she seems lethargic or depressed, and a vet visit would be in order. However, if she's always been on the quiet side, but otherwise seems happy and healthy, then it's perfectly normal, and it's just her nature. Cats are individuals, just like humans. I'm sure you must have a few human friends who don't talk much.

I have four cats and two of them are quite talkative, while the other two do not verbalize a lot with the humans (One, an almost 20-pound guy, tries to meow, but it comes out as a little squeak - rather endearing, actually.).

Try "talking it up" with your kitty to see if she responds. One correspondent even went to the library and got a CD with sounds of cats meowing, and played it for her cat. A week later, the cat marched right up to her and gave a clear and vocal "meow."

Sometimes cats (like people) just need a bit of encouragement. If your cat remains silent, just enjoy her for herself. You might even count your blessings, as other people are troubled with excessive vocalization in their cats.