Cats and Pet Friendly Hotels

How to Prepare Cats for Hotel Stays

Kitten in a pet carrier
Carlina Teteris / Getty Images

Cat travel may require you to stay in a pet-friendly hotel. If your cat is a good traveler and welcome at your vacation destination, you'll still need a Health Certificate from your vet if you cross state lines. Travel can put kitty's tail in a twist, but you can reduce potential behavior issues by planning ahead.

Prepare Cats for Hotel Stays

Not all hotels accept pets, or they may charge extra. Research good options in advance.

The PetsWelcome website offers a good listing. Most hoteliers prefer your pet be crated when she must be left alone in the room, to eliminate the chance of room damage. Cats accustomed to crates also feel safer and happier when inside.

Leave on the radio or television to soothe and distract your pet when you can't be there. Put a do not disturb sign on the door when cats are left alone in the room to keep housekeeping from entering when you're not there. You don't want a frightened or curious kitty dashing out the door and looking for room service while you're out.

Duplicate the cat's home environment as much as possible. Bring her blanket, bed or crate to help self-scent calm her. If the cat usually sleeps with you, spread a blanket or towels over top of the bedspread to protect from shedding. The sheets should be washed anyway, and if you don't mind and the cat is clean, snuggle away.